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Where To Bet Virtual Camel Racing

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Where To Bet Virtual Camel Racing

Score the big one any time with an online Virtual Camel Racing bet! Running 24/7, you can place a wager down on simulated Camel races whenever you want. Taking place every few minutes, all you have to do is login and you’ll soon be enjoying the excitement of the virtual track. How do you make the most of this particular bet though, and what should you look for when putting down money?

Camel racing is a huge sport in many countries, and it’s undergone a lot of changes over the years, which is what this specific virtual sport seeks to replicate. Watching the Camels speed by, it’s largely confined to hotter countries and climates, but with this it’s open to anyone at any time. This means that you can put your money down, with a selection of different bets, as you run to your own schedule. Replicating the experience of Camel racing as closely as possible, the graphics are up-to-date, with a randomized algorithm generating the results. Selecting a winner, there’s plenty of options when betting too, as it’s easy to manage, with a number of different combinations available.

Going over all the different choices it can become a little overwhelming at first, but it’s easy to pick-up and learn. We’ll go over it step-by-step, breaking down what goes in to Virtual Camel Racing, and how you can potentially increase your profits when betting.

Where To Bet Virtual Camel Racing:


Covering North America, Bovada has Virtual Camel Racing running 24/7, with ongoing bets at all hours.


Here you can use Bodog, as it provides Camel Racing as a virtual sport for all across Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Again it’s not currently being offered internationally outside of the USA, but make sure to watch this space for any updates.

What is Virtual Camel Racing?

A huge sport in hotter countries where Camels typically reside, Camel racing is a massively popular sport enjoyed by many. It’s also commonplace to often have a small robotic jockey sitting on the back of the Camel, encouraging them to run without the assistance of a human. This means they can potentially race faster, as it’s difficult to find the right rider, and usually the races themselves take place within the desert. For many, this has now become equally enjoyable online too, as it’s replicated in Virtual Camel Racing, which creates a realistic simulation of the races.

Hosted entirely through the sportsbook, the races are shown on their platform, with the bets also taking place there. This is what they currently look like in the general sense, following this basic overall setup for the most part:

  • Race Schedule: Taking place every two minutes, the races themselves last around a minute, with about a minute given for placing bets down, and the results afterwards.
  • Presentation: Using detailed graphics, it’s a straightforward and true to life simulator, with clear commentary over the top.
  • Bets Offered: First you’ll see the Camels themselves, allowing you to choose the overall winner, and then there’s the exacta, trifecta, over/under, and even/odd to help increase the stakes.

There’s eight Camels taking part, each with their own given set of odds, and it’s up to you to make your decision from these. Where do you start though, and how can you make these odds best work in your favor when placing any kind of bet?

Common Virtual Camel Racing Questions:

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How are the results generated?:

Working off a randomized algorithm, it’s difficult to predict which racers will come in first, so it’s more a case of how you bet, as opposed to who you bet on. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some patterns to it, as you can watch which favorites come in when, although this changes regularly on a daily basis. It’s usually also the case that the sportsbooks have a 5% margin on most of the odds, although this runs true on most virtual sports. Make sure to keep yourself updated at all times as to who is winning and when, viewing several games prior to placing a bet, seeing how the winners stack up against the projected favorites.

Which bets are best?:

As mentioned, you don’t want to simply focus on the winners, with it being randomized and therefore more difficult to predict. What you want to focus on are the trifecta bets, as you spread your money across the board, whilst also effectively minimizing your losses. There’s a number of different combinations, so you need to concentrate on both the highest and lowest odds to be found. This will allow you to better manage your money, giving you a greater chance of a higher win, whilst also not losing too much prior to it coming along.

How to Bet Virtual Camel Racing:


Go ahead and click on ‘Sports’ on the first page, and then choose ‘Virtual Sports’ on the next, located on the navigation bar just below. Then you’ll see the screen playing the simulations in the middle of the page, and down the left side there will be ‘Camels’ with the race countdown timer beside it. Underneath you can find all the available bets, letting you open the different markets, and creating your own betting slip as you want it.


Using ‘Sports’ from the top of the first page, you can then go on and select ‘Virtual Sports’ from the navigation bar underneath. This will provide the simulation screen playing the virtual sports themselves, with ‘Camels’ listed down the left-hand side near the bottom. Opening it up you should now find all the bets below, with the screen playing the Camel races on a regular basis.

Virtual Camel Racing Betting Strategy:

Start off with watching several of the games play out live before putting any money down, as you want to see how the odds provided stack up against the actual results. Following this make sure to spread your bets out, with smaller amounts placed on high odds bets, and larger amounts on the lower ones. This should help recoup your money whilst also fishing for the big payload making it worth your while in the long-run. Patience is key here, and you can effectively create different combinations, ultimately raising the stakes in the process.

Experiment with what’s on offer here, as you can create any number of different bets, along with betting on other virtual sports too. Once you have a better understanding of the sport itself, you should then be able to make a far more informed decision when betting.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.