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Where To Bet / Play Fantasy Sports Online


In this section of the site I will be covering where to bet and play on fantasy sports.

I always get asked where to play daily fantasy sports for real money and so thought I would have a section dedicated to fantasy sports.

While I cover daily fantasy sports in this section, I’ll also cover fantasy sports in general. I’ll also go into specifics in regards to where to bet particular daily fantasy sports. For example some sites may cover daily fantasy golf while others won’t; all sites will cover something like daily fantasy NFL, however there are some that are better than others.

So if you are looking to play daily fantasy sports online, you’ve game to the right place.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet / Play Regular Fantasy Sports Online:

Yahoo Fantasy: Over the years Yahoo hasn’t did a lot right but one thing they generally do right is fantasy sports. They offer a wide variety of general fantasy options such as Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey. They have a solid app and an easy to use interface as well as their own experts. They also offer daily fantasy sports and while it’s not as good as other places, the competition is a lot more casual so it can be a smart play to check them out for daily fantasy.

Where To Bet / Play Daily Fantasy Sports Online:

FanDuel: For me, the number one choice for daily fantasy sports is FanDuel. First of all there is reliability. They are one of the first daily fantasy sports sites and the must trustworthy. Second, the competition isn’t that bad. DraftKings have spent an absolute ton on marketing and it’s at the point where they have so many players it makes it very hard. I play at both and I much prefer FanDuel simply because I find I win more – there’s less variance.

They offer a nice interface that is easy to use, and a variety of different daily fantasy sports such as NFL, NBA, Golf and Soccer. They’re always running various different promotions too. For me, FanDuel are the best place for your daily fantasy sports needs.

Where To Play Specific Fantasy Sports:

Soon I will have a section here covering all the fantasy sports such as fantasy football, fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball and outlining the best places to play those specific sports as some places are better than others.

How to Play Daily Fantasy Sports:

FanDuel: Once you log in, you are presented with the home screen which will list current promotions and upcoming popular tournaments that are recommended to join. You can then filter it by sport or league. When you select a sport – say NHL – it will then list all the competitions available for you.

You can also filter it based on different game style, entry fee and when it starts. Don’t worry this may seem overwhelming but it’s very easy to understand. The tournaments available will be in the main section of the screen and you simply select which one to join. It gives you details such as entry fee, prize pool etc. When you click on it it lists the players and the positions and there’s a link at the top to rules and scoring.

If this is your first time, just take the time to really sit around and understand the interface and everything that they have to offer. There’s a lot to it and it can seem overwhelming, but they offer a wide variety of options to really help you play better.

What Daily Fantasy Sports Are There?

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Here is a current list of daily fantasy sports with relevant links within our site to learn more about them:

  • Daily Fantasy Basketball
  • Daily Fantasy eSports
  • Daily Fantasy Football
  • Daily Fantasy Hockey
  • Daily Fantasy Golf
  • Daily Fantasy MMA
  • Daily Fantasy NASCAR
  • Daily Fantasy Soccer
  • Daily Fantasy Tennis

Common Fantasy Sports Questions:

What is the difference between single and multiple entry?:

In single entry tournaments it means you can only enter in the tournament once. In multiple entry tournaments, it means you can input multiple entries into that particular tournament. The amount of entries differ depending on the tournament. I’ve seen the ability to enter as high as 150 entries into a tournament for example, and as low as 5.

Fantasy Sports Betting Strategy:

There’s way too much to even really begin to cover fantasy sports and the strategy to it. There is a lot of variance. One thing I would suggest is rather than dreaming of winning the top prize, simply approach it with the goal of winning SOME money. There are various prize pools and if you approach it right you want to just get in the money and anything else is a bonus.

So don’t risk a large portion of your salary cap on one player. Spread it out go for some balance so that if one player craps the bed, the others can make up for it.

Study previous competitions. Go by position and look at what matters. Look at previous winners and get an idea of what positions are factors in getting in the money. For example in NFL can you go low on a defense and a tight end and save the salary for your wide receivers? Or are the people cashing doing it with a superstar QB? Or are they just banking on a reliable QB?

Start to formulate theories in regards to how to approach it. Work one position at a time and eventually you’ll get it and it’ll become second nature.

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