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Where To Bet The German Bundesliga Online


The ‘Federal League’, or the German Bundesliga, is a well known professional Soccer league that celebrates the best that Germany has to offer in football. Placed at the top of the football leagues, it’s officially a part of the UEFA, being internationally recognized as one of the foremost professional football leagues within Europe. This high-level of status also means that there’s a lot at stake with the teams playing, with many bets being made, as we shall now see here.

With eighteen teams taking part on an annual basis, it was started in 1962, with the first official season taking place in 1963 the following year. Since it’s begun fifty-two teams have taken part in the league, making it one of the most successful of its kind to date, with the team Bayern Munich currently having won the most. Its attendance rate has also proven to be a huge success over the years too, with scores of fans populating the games, boasting some of the highest numbers to a sports-game worldwide. Also going by the name of ‘die Fußball-Bundesliga’, it’s operated by the ‘German Football League’, with many of the players going on to perform internationally, representing the country on the world-stage.

This consistently high level of output means that there’s a lot of talent on offer, leading to an equally high amount of competition. Where do you start when looking to make a bet of any kind though, and what should you know before doing so?

Where To Bet The German Bundesliga:

America: Here you’ll be best served by Bovada, as it can give you most of the upcoming German Bundesliga Soccer matches.

Canada: Offering the two main Bundesliga divisions, you should find all your betting needs available through Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: Internationally the best sportsbook for the Bundesliga is Bet365 Sportsbook again, which offers all the latest bets, as it’s constantly updated.

What is The German Bundesliga?

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Taking place all across Germany, this league has managed to secure its status as one of the top professional Soccer leagues for the entire country. Made up of two divisions, with the first and second levels, the Bundesligan is made up of a ranking system, as those below level three find themselves placed into regional leagues. Over time the overall structure has transformed in different ways, with it evolving to fit the progress of the country as a whole, along with considering how different regions participate in the games.

With the ‘DFB-Pokal’ knockout cup competition, and the ‘DFL-Supercup’, which sees the Bundesliga winners playing against the Pokal victors in a single match, the league has a lot surrounding it. As for the Bundesliga itself though, this is how it’s generally laid out:

  • Main Season: Playing once at home and once away, each team plays every other team twice, as all the German clubs compete against one another.
  • Point System: Changing in 1995, the teams are now awarded three points for every win, and one point for a draw, while a loss gains nothing.
  • Final Scores: The team with the most points at the end of the season is then awarded the title of German champion.

Reaching the top of such a prestigious league table is important to many, which means that there will be a lot of pressure on each of the teams and players. With such high-stakes then, what does this mean for you when betting, and how can you make the most of it?

Common German Bundesliga Questions:

What’s going on with the coronavirus and the Bundesliga? When is it returning?

Like all leagues across Europe, except for Belarus, the Bundesliga shut down due to COVID-19. However they were also the first major league to open back up, playing out their season beginning Saturday, May 16th.

What sort of bets are provided?:

Giving you the ‘Full Time Scores’ to bet on, you should be able to place a wager on any of the games, with sportsbooks keeping them constantly updated on a live basis. Along with betting on the main results, you can also bet on the ‘Half Time Scores’ too, allowing you to spread your bets out a little more. Given that this is such a well covered event you should easily be able to tailor your bets with the smaller, more niche wagers too, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’, which is unique to football. There’s also the chance to place odds on many of the players themselves, as you can decide who will score what and when.

Where will I be able to watch the league games?:

Available throughout Germany, the matches are shown live through Sky Sport Bundesliga and DAZN, providing most of the games in real-time. Outside of Germany, it’s available across Europe, shown on networks such as Eurosport2, Sky Sport, and BT Sport to name a few. In Canada it’s offered on Sportsnet, which provides many of the games through them as it’s the sole Bundesliga provider there. North America makes the games accessible through the FOX Sports Network, as well as showing them on ESPN, keeping you up-to-date at all times.

How To Bet On The German Bundesliga:

Bovada: Use the ‘Soccer’ option at the top of the main page, just below the main navigation bar located directly above. Next click on the ‘All Soccer’ roll-down menu, with the ‘German Bundesliga’ about three places down the options. This then gives you live coverage of all the bets and games currently available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: After choosing ‘English’ as your language, there’s ‘Soccer’ located down the left side of the page below ‘Snooker’. This will give you all the countries and all the leads down the middle of the page. Under Germany you can then find both of the Bundesliga divisions side-by-side.

The German Bundesliga Betting Strategy:

This being the top professional league for Germany, you’ll be presented with a lot of Soccer talent almost straight away. The games themselves will give you high-stakes because of this though, allowing you to hedge your bets across the board. Many of the teams will have different playing styles, and you want to be aware of the players themselves, both on and off the pitch. Clubs with a higher rate of winning may provide less chance of a larger payout, but with such Soccer specific handicaps as the ‘Asian Handicap’, you can turn them in your favor.

Get to know each of the teams playing, seeing how they’ve performed in the past, keeping yourself constantly updated on any changes in the line-up. Knowing and understanding the game is just half of it, as the more research you do, the more informed your bet will be at the end of it all.

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