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Where To Bet Player Bookings


In this article I’ll be covering the soccer bet where to bet player bookings.

This is a prop bet where you can bet on a specific player to get booked during a match.

Always an interesting one to bet as it makes it really fun sitting around watching and cheering on him to hack his opponent etc.

There are also a lot of prop bets related to player bookings that I will cover as well. First, let’s talk about where to bet a player to be booked:

Where To Bet Player To Be Booked

America: So for this you kind of want a combination. Bovada don’t usually offer prop bets on specific players to be booked – it depends on the match though. However they do offer a lot of prop bets on total bookings in the match – with a variety of over/unders based on the match, first half, and teams.

To bet on the specific player to be booked, BetOnline offer that with good odds and a variety of other props.

Everywhere Else: The best sportsbook for the player to be booked prop bet is at Bet365 Sportsbook. They have the odds up a good day beforehand at least and they also have a wide variety of other prop bets related to bookings.

You can beat team card handicap, both teams to receive x cards, Asian handicap, which team receives the first card and so much more. All of this is available at Bet365 Sportsbook.

What is the Player Booking Bet?

It’s very simple – you are betting if a player will get booked during a match.

That’s the specific bet you make – that “Yes this player will get booked”. You don’t have the option to bet that they won’t.

There are a variety of other bets you can make in regard to bookings as mentioned above, but they aren’t specific to the player. They are about player bookings overall in a match.

Common Player Booking Questions:

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If a player gets a straight red card, does that count as a booking?:

Yes, it does. Both yellow cards and red cards will count at most sportsbooks. So if they get sent off that is okay and you will win your bet.

What if the yellow card is given after the match is over?

While a bit of a rarity, players can get bookings after the match is over or even during each half. They can also be given a red card. Most sportsbooks have the rule that this will NOT count and it must be during the actual match.

How to Bet Player Bookings

Bovada: Within the soccer section, click on the match in question and it will expand all of their bets. Scroll down and the total booking props will all be listed together. If they offer specific player bookings, they will also be listed there.

BetOnline: Within the soccer section, it will need to say that there are more markets available for that specific match. If so, click on that. All the prop bets, including player bookings, will be listed. You just add them to your bet slip on the side.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click on the match in question and then click on the “Cards” section. All of the prop bets related to yellow and red cards, including the Player To Be Booked prop, will be listed there.

Player Cards Betting Strategy:

Obviously, look for consistency with a player in regard to being booked. If they get cards often, then that is something to look at. However, also look at their opponent and see if they get cards against them often.

Then look at specific matchups. Do players get cards often when they are marking or going up against Ronaldo? Then if he is playing, it’s more likely a player will get booked against him. That sort of thing is what can give you an edge.

Finally, also look for bad blood between players. You’d be surprised how historically feuds can result in bookings.

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