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Where To Bet The UEFA Europa League


Organized by the Union of European Football Associations, or the UEFA, the Europa League has been running since 1971, with Soccer clubs from all across Europe taking part. Prior to becoming the Europa League, the UEL was previously known as the UEFA Cup, until it was rebranded in 2009 when the format was changed. Bringing together such a wide array of talent from across the board, it stands to reason that there’s plenty of bets to be made, which we’ll examine now here.

Operating as the second tier in the UEFA European divisions, it comes in just underneath the UEFA Champions League, making it a highly sought after title to win. Those that win qualify to play in the UEFA Super Cup, along with the Champions League itself, creating a lot of competition in the process. With a total of a hundred and sixty teams competing in the league overall, and forty-eight teams playing in the group stages, there’s plenty of teams taking part as well. In the past it has also merged with the UEFA Interto Cup, making it one of the largest events of its kind, celebrating a vast pool of Soccer talent.

With such a long and illustrious history behind the league, with many rising clubs and stars moving up through the ranks, it’s a great place to make a bet too. Where do you go when doing so though, and how do you make sure you’re putting down money on the most promising wagers?

Where To Bet The UEFA Europa League:

America: Covering most UEFA events, BetOnline has all you’ll need for the Europa League, with live odds for most of the matches.

Canada: For all those in Canada, they’ll want Sports Interaction, giving you up-to-date live odds on all the UEFA games.

Everywhere Else: Internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook again offers all the UEFA matches and bets currently going.

What is The UEFA Europa League?

Sponsored by five multinational corporations at this present time, including FedEx, Kia Motors, and Heineken to name a few, a lot of money has been invested in the Europa League. The prize money for the winners is also a substantial amount, with the award for first place currently standing at €8,500,000. Then there’s the various deals clubs’ make on top of that, which, along with the offer of a place in the Champions League, puts some increasingly high-stakes behind it.

The most successful club in the competition is currently Sevilla, having received a total of five titles over the years so far. This is how the general format of the league itself currently looks:

  • UEFA Coefficients and Qualifiers: Using the statistics provided by the official UEFA Coefficients, the clubs are seeded into the qualifying rounds where they compete for a place in the league.
  • Main Season: Consisting of thirty-two teams in total, the clubs battle it out for a place in the Knockout Phase, of which there’ll be sixteen teams playing.
  • Final Winners: The winning club will receive the prize money, along with moving up to the Champions League.

This has seen many teams come and go throughout the years, making a name for themselves as they progress through the ranks. What can you look out for, though, when placing your bets on the event itself?

Common UEFA Europa League Questions:

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What sort of bets can I expect?:

To start with you’ll find all of the main bets which largely entail score results, and who will score how many goals at which times. Using the ‘Correct Score’ wager, you can determine what you think the score will be at half and full-time in each match. You can also find handicaps, such as the ‘Asian Handicap’, being specific to Soccer, allowing you to place a handicap on clubs who performed better previously. There’s also the chance to bet on the overall final results of the league with ‘To Win Outright’, along with betting on each of the individual players themselves, letting you hedge your bets across the board.

Where will I be able to view the matches?:

In countries such as Canada you will find most of the games available live through the DAZN network, with their ongoing coverage of the league. Turner and Univision hold the rights to all of UEFA in the United States, while the UK can see them through BT Sports. Internationally they’re available through various different providers, such as Sky Sports and Fox Sports, along with Sony, depending on where you are.

How to Bet The UEFA Europa League:

BetOnline: Using ‘Sports’ found in the navigation bar on the first page you land on, you can then find the ‘Main Sports’ section located on the left-hand side, with ‘Soccer’ being underneath. Selecting that you will then see another section open up titled ‘Top Leagues’, allowing you to choose ‘UEFA EL’ linked at the bottom. Then you should find all the games listed down the middle of the page, which you can use after registering with the site, taking you to the various bets.

Bet365 Sportsbook: After selecting ‘English’ as your language option from the main landing page, you then want to choose ‘Soccer’, right underneath ‘Snooker’, down the left-hand side. This will give you all the leagues and events down the middle of the page, along with the ‘UEFA Competitions’ section, underneath which is ‘UEFA Europa League’. You are then going to find all the links to the relevant upcoming matches, as well as the overall ‘Related Markets’ bets down below.

The UEFA Europa League Betting Strategy:

Being the second tier in the UEFA league divisions means that you’ll see many clubs rising through the ranks, which brings with it an interesting and varied set of odds. The best way to find out which teams make worthwhile bets is to pay close attention to their progress, keeping an eye out for any surprise appearances. Changes in management is one key sign to look for, as this could mean a huge overhaul for certain clubs, as they’re transformed, seeing them become more successful.

Keep yourself updated with the sports news at all times and, along with watching older games, know what’s being said on social-media. Understanding exactly who your betting on and how the playing styles will clash is essential in making a more informed and well researched decision when betting.

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