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Where To Bet Motor Sports


In this section of the website I’m going to cover where to bet motor sports online.

The majority of online sportsbooks offer motor sports betting but depending on which racing company/organization you want to bet on, it can be quite tricky. I mean betting “Who will win an F1 race” just isn’t that fun these days with the odds obviously tilted heavily in certain drivers favour, and then pole position basically means everything.

So in this section I’m going to provide sportsbooks that don’t just offer motor sports betting, however also offer a wide variety of options for betting on motor sports. Sportsbooks that have a nice wide variety of prop bets available to bet on, to help you find markets outside of the obvious.

On top of that I’ll also be sure to only recommend sportsbooks I personally trust.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet Motor Sports Online:

America: Probably the best sportsbook for motor sports betting is Bovada. Along with offering odds for F1 and Nascar they’ll consider other sports too for example the Moto GP Championship. For each race they offer a wide variety of prop bets outside the obvious. One of my favourite F1 bets there for example is “Lewis Hamilton vs The Field”. You can also bet who will get pole position, who will get a Top 3 Finish, the Practise 1 Winner and much more. A great variety of prop bets available.

Everywhere Else: The selection at Bet365 Sportsbook is just too good to ignore. They cover Nascar, Supercars, Formula 1, Motorbikes such as the Moto GP, Moto2 and Moto3 as well as World Superbikes and British Superbikes. Need more? How about the World Rally Championships or the Speedway of Nations? Hell you can even bet on the SG Premiership here. Without a doubt, Bet365 Sportsbook is the best place for motor sports betting.

Depending on what you’re betting they offer a wide variety too. For example on your standard F1 Grand Prix, you can bet on the Winning Nationality, whether Both Cars from a Constructor will be classified, the number of Classified Drivers, the first driver to retire and so much more.

How to Bet Motor Sports Online

Bovada: In the sportsbook section you’ll actually have to expand “All Sports” on the left sidebar. When you do that Motor Sports will be listed and when you go to that page it will list all current events they offer action on. You can either filter it at the top (by clicking “All Motor Sports”) or if you want to see the bets for a particular event, click the “BETS >” link to the right.

Bet365 Sportsbook: So at Bet365 there’s the sidebar that lists all the sports to bet on. There’s a “Motor Sports” link and you can expand that to see Formula 1, Motorbikes, Rally and Speedway. However both Nascar and Supercars have their own separate link in the sidebar for whatever reason. So you click whichever one you want and then it lists all of the possible events and bets you can make. Then just click each one or click multiple ones to create a coupon with them all listed.

Motor Sports Betting Guide

What Motor Sports Bets / Props Are There?

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The most common motor sport bet is of course betting who will win a particular race. It then varies based on the company that you are looking to bet.

In Formula 1 for example, there are futures you can bet such as who will win the Drivers Championship or Constructors Championship. You can then bet on a specific race with bets available such as Top 6 Finish, Top 1 Finish, Grid Position of Winner, whether there will be a safety car period etc. You can also bet pre-race on events such as qualification and practises and various bets surrounding those.

Nascar is similar with it offering futures markets as well as individual race markets. You can bet to win or to place and also driver head to heads such as which driver out of the two will finish higher.

The motor sports bets available of course depend on the sportsbook you are using as they often vary.

Common Motor Sports Betting Questions:

Isn’t F1 betting easy because it’s predictable?

No. Anything can happen in a race and generally the “predictable” finishes aren’t going to have the odds to make it worth it. I mean is it really worth betting $100 to win $14? Because when Lewis Hamilton is in pole, that’s probably going to be the odds.

Motor Sports Betting Strategy:

Generally with motor sports it’s to look up the smaller markets. Don’t focus on who will win – not only do the odds just generally suck but these are the ones the sportsbooks pay the most attention to.

Pick a lesser market and research the heck out of it.

For example whether there’s a safety car in an F1 race – that’s something I have down to almost a science. You can generally predict the races where it has a high probability of happening. Of course variance steps in often but that’s something where I’ve did the research over the years and look at the consistencies in each course and driver and how safety car periods occur.

Basically pick a small market and really put the work in.

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