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Where To Bet Formula 1 Online


In this article I’m going to discuss Where To Bet Formula 1.

Now most sportsbooks will offer basic F1 betting – the ability to bet on who will win a race. However that really isn’t too good for betting – I mean you have to wait to see who gets pole position before having an idea of who will win the race and then even when you get that information – the odds immediately tank.

What you want is a sportsbook that offer a wide variety of prop bets beyond the basic. You want to be able to bet Top 5 Finishes. You want to be able to bet whether there will be a safety car period. You want to be able to bet whether a driver will lead at the end of any lap, or if someone will retire on the 1st lap.

You also want trustworthy sportsbooks – ones you know you’ll get your money from.

Let’s give you the answers for that immediately:

Where To Bet Formula 1 Online:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet F1 is easily Bovada. They offer the most prop bets per race and also offer futures such as who will win the Drivers Championship or Constructors Championship. When it comes to specific races, they offer a wide variety of prop bets.

First they usually have Grand Prix odds up a few days in advance and sometimes even a week in advance which is nice. Then they offer bets such as the favourite versus the field – ie: Lewis Hamilton vs the Field. You can bet on who will get pole, who will finish in the Top 3 or Top 10, who will be the first driver to retire, if there will be a safety car and much more.

They’re also the most reliable sportsbook for Americans. If you’re an American looking to find out where to bet F1, then Bovada is a no-brainer.

Everywhere Else: Most books offer a good variety of betting options but I prefer Bet365 Sportsbook myself. First of all you can live bet on the race which can be quite fun and really adds to it. Their prop bets are unreal with so many options to bet. You can bet on specific drivers to be the first to make a pit stop, the grid position of the winner, the qualifying winning car, amount of drivers to be classified and so much more.

They also offer virtual sports which has me hooked – basically virtual motor racing. Something that always gets me hooked during the off-season for racing. Finally I’ve had an account there since the early 2000s and I completely and utterly trust them so if you’re looking for a reliable sportsbook that pays out fast, Bet365 Sportsbook is the best one for you.

Where To Make Specific Formula 1 Bets:

F1 Fastest Lap: A bet you can make in Formula 1 is who will record the fastest lap. You can also do combo bets such as fastest lap and race winner. I cover all of that in this article.

F1 First Driver To Make A Pit Stop: This is quite a risky bet to make but the payouts are high – betting on which driver will be the first one to hit the pits.

F1 Podium Finish: A lot of F1 races can be a bit “obvious” in regard to who is going to win. Who makes the podium can be another question entirely as a lot can happen that can affect that. This is a good bet to look at as the odds will normally be better compared to a race where Max has pole and is 1.30 to win etc.

F1 Race Winners: One of the more common bets of course is who you are going to bet to win the race. I cover the best sportsbooks to bet this at factoring in odds, options for betting etc and props.

F1 Safety Car Props: You can make quite a few bets related to the safety car in Formula 1, such as whether there will be a safety car or a virtual safety car.

How to Bet Formula 1 Online

Bovada: Bovada can be a bit confusing as they don’t offer it in their main menu. Within the sportsbook section there is a sidebar that lists the main sports however you have to scroll down and click “All Sports”. That will open up “Motor Sports” in the sidebar. This displays all the motor sports and there is a section for Formula 1. You can also click “All Motor Sports” at the top then filter to Formula 1. The upcoming grand prix will be listed and click the “BETS” link on the right hand side to expand it and see all the bets available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Oddly enough they have “Nascar” in the sidebar as well as “Supercars” however for F1 you have to click “Motor Sports” on the left to expand that section. Then click on “Formula 1” and the futures as well as the upcoming Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will list all of the bets available such as “Winning Nationality” or “To Win Outright” and then you simply click on what one you wish to bet on.

What F1 Bets /Props Are There?

F1/NASCAR Deposit Bonuses

The most common bets you can make in Formula 1 are who will win a race and also who will get a podium finish. However there are a lot more bets available.

Some bets are specific to the race results – for example Both Cars Points Finish, Top 6 Finish, the Winning Margin and the Winning Nationality. Some are specific to the race itself such as whether there’ll be a safety car period during the race, or the number of classified drivers.

Then there are driver specific bets such as the first driver to retire, whether one specific driver will be the leader at the end of any lap or be the winner of the race AND get the fastest lap etc.

Common F1 Betting Questions:

Is it worth betting big underdogs to win in Formula 1?

No unfortunately – the odds of a big underdog actually winning an F1 race is crazy. It’s just not worth betting on them to win a race. If you do the research and think a big underdog stands a chance, look to bet them on a top X finish instead. The odds won’t be as good but you have a much stronger chance of winning.

Where To Watch Formula 1 Online:

Currently there are no online resources for watching F1 legally outside of your local cable or satellite provider and what they offer. For example Sky Sports Plus, or having a Bell subscription to TSN etc.

Formula 1 Betting Strategy:

Stay away from the markets on who to win. Look for smaller markets or look for those drivers who you think can get a Top 6 or Top 10 finish. That’s where there can be a lot of value – especially if you can predict the Top 6. And also study the courses to help you figure out safety car periods or quantity of classified cars.

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