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Where To Bet F1 Fastest Lap


The speed of the cars in Formula 1 is what keeps people coming back. The cars really haul and they’re designed in every single way to make themselves faster. Every lap in Formula 1 is fast, but what is the fastest?

There is always one and it’s usually a competition. Not just because of bragging rights, but there is now championship points attached to it as well. Fastest lap has real impact on the season’s standings. Plus, it’s also good for people who like to bet on Formula 1 races like us.

This article is going to get a bit more in-depth into F1 Fastest Lap. I’m going to cover where the best place to bet it, how to bet it, and much more.

Where To Bet F1 Fastest Lap:

America: You can bet on Fastest Lap at Bovada and many more betting props. They also offer combo bets like Fastest Lap & Win The Race and Fastest Qualifier, Fastest Lap & Win The Race which combine the outcomes and offer greater payouts.

Canada: There are many great betting options at Sports Interaction and they have you covered when it comes to the world of Formula One as well.

Everywhere Else: A large amount of betting props are available at the sportsbook known as Bet365 Sportsbook. They have Fastest Lap odds, as well as the Fastest Lap & Win The Race and Fastest Qualifier, Fastest Lap & Win The Race combo bets.

What is F1 Fastest Lap?

Speed! That’s what the F1 Fastest Lap is! Oh, you meant the bet. Right.

This is a pretty simple bet in that you are just betting on which driver will post the fastest lap of the race.

This bet has become competitive over the years as Formula 1 gives off extra Championship points to the driver who sets the fastest lap of the race.

Common F1 Fastest Lap Questions:

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How many championship points are awarded for the fastest lap?

The added championship point has made this a competitive part of every race. A driver gets one championship point for finishing with the fastest lap.

A driver gets 25 points for winning, 18 points for second, 15 for third, 12 for fourth, 10 for fifth, 8 for sixth, 6 for seventh, 4 for eighth, 2 for 9th, and 1 for 10th. So you can see how this one point may become valuable as the season goes on.

However, the driver must finish in the top-ten in order to earn the point. This is to stop drivers from hanging around the back of the race and then using that to get the point.

How to Bet F1 Fastest Lap:

Bovada: Click on “Motorsports” at the top of page and then you will see a list of the many betting props for the upcoming races. You can narrow it down to Formula, but you will need to scroll down to find Fastest Lap.

Sports Interaction: It’s easy to find the latest odds as you just need to click on Motor Racing on the left side of the page. Then click Formula 1 and you can see the upcoming odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: There is a link for Motor Sports on the left side of the page. Click that then click Formula 1. This will display all of the odds for the next race. Find Fastest Lap and click on that.

F1 Fastest Lap Betting Strategy:

This is one where I don’t mess around too much. My rule of thumb is to not bet on anyone to have the fastest lap unless you also believe they can win the race.

The odds aren’t always good, but the results are usually in favor of podium finishers.

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