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Where To Bet F1 Podium Finish


Have you ever had that dream where you are on the podium at the end of a Formula 1 race celebrating a win, but then you look down and realize you have no pants? No? Just me then? Okay.

All jokes aside, the podium finish in Formula 1 is what all the drivers are aiming for. It’s not just about winning with these teams and getting one of those three spots is a competition. With championship points at stake, every place is a competition which is what makes us love F1 so much.

Picking winners in Formula 1 can be a tough way to make money betting on Formula 1. However, betting on podium finishes can often see some bigger underdogs coming into play and making for more profitable betting.

This article is going to tell you how to start doing that with the best sportsbooks to bet at, how to bet, and my own strategy. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet F1 Podium Finish:

America: You can bet on Podium Finish at Bovada, but they call it “Top 3 Finish”.

Canada: You don’t have to wait for the Canadian Grand Prix to bet on Formula One at Sports Interaction. They have you covered all season long.

Everywhere Else: Podium finishes are listed as available at Bet365 Sportsbook. They have many more betting props as well, including Top 6, Points Finish, and Fastest Lap.

What is F1 Podium Finish?

In a lot of ways a podium finish bet reminds me of a Place bet in horse racing. You aren’t betting on the person to win necessarily, but if they do you still win.

You aren’t betting on what place they finish in, only that they finish among the top-three in the race. The top spot on the podium can often seem predestined in these races, but the other spots can be up for grabs.

Of course, it’s still very hard to finish in the top-three at a Formula One race, but this is a nice bet in that there is more than one outcome can get you a win.

Common F1 Podium Finish Questions:

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Who has the most podium finishes in Formula 1 history?

Like most of the records in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has the record for the most podium finishes. Also like most of the records in Formula 1, he broke Michael Schumacher’s old mark to do it.

Schumacher previously had the record at 155, but Hamilton has since surpassed it and continues to add to his total.

How to Bet F1 Podium Finish:

Bovada: After clicking on “Motorsports” at the top of the page, select “Formula 1” from the dropdown menu. Top 3 Finish will be listed on this page.

Sports Interaction: This site keeps a list of sports on the side of the page for easy navigation. Formula 1 is listed under Motor Racing.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left side of the page, find Motor Sports. Under that will be Formula 1. Once you click that, you will see all of the upcoming betting odds.

F1 Podium Finish Betting Strategy:

This is one area of Formula 1 betting where I think it’s okay to get a little loose. Bet on someone that you might not normally or just has good odds.

Within reason, of course, but a third place finisher can often be a surprise and that person could have very good odds.

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