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Where To Bet F1 Safety Car Props


Nobody ever wants to see the safety car in racing. You never want to see anyone get hurt, for one. You also don’t want the action to ever slow down for any reason. Safety cars are the enemy of speed.

However, that doesn’t mean that when they come out has to be all bad. It keeps the drivers safe, that’s a good thing. It also presents another betting opportunity, that’s a great thing. That’s right, you can bet on safety cars. Where have you been? There are many safety car related props that are available at sportsbooks.

This article is going to explain a bit more about safety car bets and tell you where you can start betting them for the next race.

Where To Bet F1 Safety Car Period During Race / Safety Car Props:

America: Bovada has a lot of great betting options for Formula 1 races, including Safety Car props. Whether you want to be on the Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car, this is the place that offers it.

Canada: Canadians can find many F1 betting odds at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: There are a large variety of Formula 1 betting props listed at Bet365 Sportsbook. There are Safety Car props and much more.

What is F1 Safety Car Period During Race / Safety Car Props?

A safety car comes out when there is an accident or inclement weather that prevents the race from continuing safely. This is a bet on if that happens or not.

The bet itself is a simple YES/NO with betting odds favoring one side or the other depending on the racetrack.

A more difficult track with a history of accidents might have -250 on YES and +200 odds on NO.

There is also the Virtual Safety Car which comes out when things happen that don’t warrant the safety car, but the race needs to be slowed down for an incident of some kind.

Common F1 Safety Car Period During Race / Safety Car Props Questions:

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Can I bet on more than one Safety Car Period?

Of course! Many sportsbooks, including Bovada, offer betting odds on how many safety car periods will take place during the race. You can bet 0, 1, 2, or 3+.

The odds have high payouts because it can be hard to predict an exact number like this.

How to Bet F1 Safety Car Period During Race / Safety Car Props:

Bovada: From the sportsbook, click on the list of all sports at the top of the page. Find “Motor Sports” and click on that. There is a dropdown menu which you can select Formula 1 from to see all of the odds.

Sports Interaction: On the left hand side of the page there is a list of sports. Find Motor Racing and click that. Then click Formula 1 to see all of the current odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: The Motor Sports link on the left hand side will reveal Formula 1. Once you click that, you can see all of the latest race odds.

F1 Safety Car Period During Race / Safety Car Props Betting Strategy:

The two things I am looking at here are weather and race history. Certain courses are more difficult for drivers and make it more likely we are going to see a safety car at some point. Same deal with inclement weather.

There usually isn’t much money in betting YES, but if you read the track right you can make it pay off.

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