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Where To Bet F1 First Driver To Make A Pit Stop


I could never be a Formula 1 driver. The cars go way too fast for my blood and I can barely parallel park. The thing is, that’s not even the most impressive part of a Formula 1 race! I’d give that honor to the pit crew. The way these guys change tires is absolute magic. It takes seconds at most and I am always amazed by it.

One big question in Formula 1 strategy is: when to pit? Pit too early and you could lose some ground. Pit too late and you risk your tires. It’s a battle to see who goes when. Did you know that you can bet on who goes first? You can!

It’s a unique bet and one I will do from time to time. It’s not an easy one to win, but it pays great when it does. I’ll explain a bit more about that as well as tell you where you can bet this one.

Where To Bet F1 First Driver To Make a Pit Stop:

America: Don’t make a pit stop at Bovada if you’re looking to bet this prop. Stick around for awhile because they have you covered.

Canada: Sports Interaction is the place to bet for Canadians and they have you covered when it comes to Formula 1.

Everywhere Else: A big selection of betting props are available for every single Formula One race at Bet365 Sportsbook, from pit stops to last finisher to qualifying.

What is F1 First Driver To Make a Pit Stop?

Pit stops are a part of racing and this betting prop is all about which driver is going to make one first. They are all going to go eventually, you just need to pick which one goes first.

Strategy is definitely going to come into play here as teams may choose to go early on a certain course or wait on another.

This is a hard one to pick with so many factors at play and because of that the odds are favorable to the bettor. Even the favorite can have odds in the +1000 area.

Common F1 First Driver To Make a Pit Stop Questions:

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How many people are on a pitstop team for a Formula 1 car?

The pit stops in F1 races are incredibly fast and this is because there are huge teams working on them. There can be more than twenty people working and each of them have their own specific role.

The roles include jack man, wheel gunners, stabilisers to prevent the car from wobbling, wheel off crew who take the tires off, and the wheel on crew who put them on.

How to Bet F1 First Driver To Make a Pit Stop:

Bovada: There is a big list of sports at the top of the page. Click on the one that says “Motor Sports” to find the auto racing. Formula 1 will be listed on this page with the many, many betting options, including pit stop props.

Sports Interaction: Click on Motor Racing from the side of the page and then click Formula 1. You have now found all of the F1 odds.

Bet365 Sportsbook: You can find Formula 1 on the left hand menu under Motor Sports. Click on that and then all of the upcoming race odds will be displayed, including Pit Stops.

F1 First Driver To Make a Pit Stop Betting Strategy:

You can never be sure what type of strategy that a team is going to go with so this one can often be quite hard to bet. I do like to throw a unit at this one when I am betting races though so I’ll share what I do. Doesn’t always work, but it makes logical sense to me.

Basically, I am looking for someone on the bubble of the podium, fourth to sixth finish. I take someone like that with the idea that they are going to try and make a move. Maybe they get that early pit and then try to push it later.

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