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Where To Bet the Tour Online


In this article I’m going to talk about Tour betting and where to bet online if you want to bet the Tour.

The Tour is essentially the development league of the PGA. It features golfers who have not yet made it to the PGA Tour or who did make it, however were unable to attain enough Fedex Cup points to actually remain in the PGA. When that happens, they are essentially relegated back to the Tour.

The Tour began in the early 90s and has really risen in value ever since the 2013 season. A lot of changes were implemented during that phase to really give the Tour more importance and the same sort of setup the PGA has in regard to tournaments.

From a betting perspective the Tour is an excellent tour to bet on because the sportsbooks don’t pay it enough attention. Golf is really a numbers game when it comes to betting and if you put the hours in, you can get paid for them.

Let’s talk first about where to bet the Tour online and we’ll cover the best online sportsbooks for that:

Where To Bet the Tour Online:

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans to bet the is Bovada. Most other books either don’t cover it or only allow you to bet the winner. Bovada allows you to bet not just who will win the tournament, but also allows you to bet on specific match-ups between golfers

Everywhere Else: The best sportsbook for betting is Bet365 Sportsbook in my opinion. You can usually bet on 4 different things depending on the tournament. They are who will win it outright, a Top 10 Finish, a Top 5 finish and then a 1st round leader bet. And then they offer e/w betting as well as live betting sometimes.

Where To Make Specific Bets:

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How to Bet the Tour Online

Bovada: When you log in they have a “Golf” section at the top and there will be a pulldown list where you can find “” betting odds. You may also want to check the “Futures” area from the pulldown menu and within there it’ll list the potential winners and their odds for the

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the left side of the sportsbook it lists all the sports. Click “Golf” and then all the golf tournaments will be listed there. Note that it doesn’t list the tour however the actual tournament so you won’t see “” – you need to look for that weeks tournament such as “Knoxville Open”. It will be a green bar and then below it will be all of the bets available for that particular tournament. Click whatever one you want to bet on.

What Bets /Props Are There?

Obviously there’s the standard one which is betting on who will win the tournament.

Unlike the PGA, the props available for the are very limited. So far online I’ve only been able to discover:

  • Bet on who will win
  • Bet on who will finish in the top 5
  • Bet on who will finish in the top 10
  • Bet on the 1st round leader
  • Bet on matchups between 2 players

And that’s it so far.

Common Tour Questions:

What was the deal with Stephen Curry on the Tour?

This happened in the Summer of 2017. He accepted a sponsor exemption and man it got people ticked off. The sportsbooks had fun with it though, offering up various prop bets like if he’ll make the cut, what his highest score would be, and how many bogeys he would hit. Over/under on that one was 8.5. It was the Ellie Mae Classic he played in and he actually did very well. Even though he didn’t make the cut he was only 4 over on both days.

Where To Watch Tour Online:

Honestly I’ve never found a reliable source online for watching the tour. I usually end up following Twitter feeds during the event then highlights videos afterwards. However I believe does offer Tour online streaming so check them out. Unfortunately I live in Canada and it’s restricted to the USA it seems so I can’t verify it. Tour Betting Strategy:

Honestly if you bet any golf at all you should be able to adapt to the Tour. Study the courses and look for what works there and then look at the golfers and who fits in there. Then place bets on Top 5 finish and so on. Golf is a high variance game but backing the people who suit a course well to place is usually the best and safest strategy.

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