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Where To Bet Hockey Online


Welcome to the section of the site where I discuss where to bet hockey.

On this page I’ll cover the basics of hockey betting and what the most popular hockey bets are.

I’ll then tell you the general best places to bet hockey, as well as send you some links to more specific hockey pages within the site in case you want to bet on a specific league.

Let’s get to it:

Where To Bet Hockey:

For general hockey betting, the best sportsbooks to bet hockey are:

America: For Americans, Bovada is probably the best option. They offer the widest variety of leagues you can bet on from the NHL to the OHL, KHL to Mestis and much more. They also offer a deposit bonus and a solid variety of different bets. For example on your average NHL game, Bovada will have over 40 bets you can make. There is a wide variety such as 1st period correct score, will a specific player score a goal, and even bets like “What player out of these two will score more points?”.

Bovada also offer unique prop bets from time to time allowing you to bet on the draft and various other related hockey props.

Everywhere Else: For everyone else, the best option is 888. They offer the widest variety of hockey betting available and cover practically every hockey league there is. They also offer unique player props and offer the best odds if you want to bet a team in regulation.

League Specific Sections:

This page is just for general hockey betting. If you want more league specific options, see the pages below:

All Hockey League Betting Guides

How to Bet Hockey Online:

Bovada: When in the “Sports” section of Bovada, click the “Hockey” link on the sidebar. This will give you all of the hockey games you can currently bet on.

You can click on each game (The +number part at the right) to see the available bets on that particular game. At the top it says “All Hockey”. Click that to filter by league or country. Note that when you do that, an additional option will open up in the top. For example if you click “NHL” it will list everything but you can then use that filter to show only futures. Or if you click “Russia” you can use that filter to choose only “KHL”.

888: You can either use the search bar at the top centre of the site to search for a league or game or team, or you can use the navigation bar on the left. If using that, click “Ice Hockey” on the left and that will bring up a page with any live games currently displayed (for live betting) as well as the NHL games that night.

If you’re looking for NHL you’re good to go – those are the games and you can click the plus sign beside each one to expand that game and see all of the bets available. If you’re looking for another league such as the KHL or the Liiga you would scroll below the NHL section and it’s there. Click to open that section and that will list the games for you.

What Hockey Bets/Props Are There?

Hockey Deposit Bonuses
Betting on hockey is very simple – you’re betting on specific hockey games, or on specific events in the hockey world.

It can be as simple as betting what team will win on any given day. Or you can bet specific player props such as whether Conor McDavid will score a goal that night or not. You can bet futures such as who will win the Stanley Cup or the Central Division, and you can bet on events such as who will be the first coach to get fired in a season, or prop bets such as “Will Jaromir Jagr be traded before the trade deadline”.

The most common hockey betting is of course game specific. There are 3 bets that are the most popular and they are:

  1. Who will win. A very simple one this – you bet on who will win a game between two teams. Online sportsbooks will also offer variations on this such as the ability to bet that a team will win in regulation time, as opposed to winning including overtime and a shootout.
  2. The point spread: You know the point spread in basketball and football? Well it’s in hockey too and known as the “puck line”. The line is always set at 1.5 goals and the underdog gets 1.5 goals while the favourite is negative 1.5 goals. So random example – you bet the Rangers to beat the Flyers at -1.5. That means Rangers have to win by at least two goals for you to win the bet. Much riskier but you get better odds.
  3. Over/Under: A line is set on the quantity of goals in a game – it will usually range from 5 goals to 7 goals – and then you just have to bet whether or not the quantity of goals will be over that total or under that total.

Those are the main bets in hockey and the ones you should focus on initially when betting until you get accustomed to it. However there are many more betting options available in hockey with various sportsbooks offering a wide variety of different betting options so it’s good to shop around.

Common Hockey Betting Questions:

What is the best online sportsbook to bet the NHL?

Please see our Where to Bet the NHL page for more details on NHL specfic betting as well as a list of where to bet specific NHL bets.

Hockey Betting Strategy:

The best advice I can give is become educated in leagues outside of the NHL and KHL. Those are the two most popular leagues and have the strictest lines. If you can become educated in a smaller league you can really make a lot of money. For example a few years ago I threw myself into the OHL – living in Kingston, Ontario home of the Frontenacs helped – and really got educated on it and every team. It’s allowed me to really gain an advantage when it comes to betting on it.

Other than that if you want to bet on the NHL I suggest you follow – the best website for NHL Betting TIps online. Been online since 2013 and all of the tips are 100% free.

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