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Where To Bet Combate Americas Online


In this article I am going to cover where to bet Combate and what betting options are available for betting on Combate.

Unless you’re big into MMA or hit a certain demographic then you may have only heard of Combate America recently with the announcement of Tito Ortiz vs Alberto el Patron. This brought the organization more into the mainstream.

Combate Americas is an MMA organization focused more on the Hispanic audience. Their founder is Campbell McLaren, who also helped create the UFC.

They have been around since 2015 and generally hold an event every few months. Fighters you may recognize that have fought in Combate previously include Matt Hamill and Amanda Serrano.

Betting on Combate is relatively new online but after the announcement of Ortiz vs Alberto, more sportsbooks started offering it up.

Where To Bet Combate Americas Online

America: The best option to bet Combate Americas is Bovada. Most online sportsbooks only offer the ability to bet on who will win but they have advanced that slightly by allowing you to also bet on the over/under in rounds. Depending on the fight, this will be at 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds. They are also a very trustworthy sportsbook who have been around for years and cover a wide variety of MMA. You rarely see variation in lines for Combate so with everything being equal, they are the best sportsbook for Americans.

Canada: Much like above you should sign up with Bodog which is basically the same sportsbook. All the same reasons as above. What makes them stand out from every other sportsbook that Canadians can bet Combate at is that they offer that over/under rounds betting option.

Everywhere Else: Unfortunately all of the online sportsbooks that anyone outside of North America can access simply offer the ability to bet on who will win. based on that you want to go with both sportsbook trust, and also who has the best odds. The best sportsbook for that is Bet365 Sportsbook. In one particular card I looked at as an example for this, out of 8 fights they had the best odds for 2 of the fights and then the rest of the 6 fights all sportsbooks had the same odds. They are very trustworthy and reliable and someone I bet at often.

What Combate Bets Are There?

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There really isn’t any prop bets for Combate Americas at this time.

All sportsbooks offer the obvious one – who will win a fight? Nice and simple. And as mentioned above, there are a couple of sportsbooks who offer the ability to bet over/under on number of rounds with the choices usually being 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds.

Unfortunately as of right now that is the only two Combate Americas bets that you can make. There are no prop bets such as the ability to bet the method of victory or anything like that.

Common Combate Americas Questions:

Where can I bet on Tito Ortiz vs Alberto el Patron?

See my extended article on Where To Bet Tito Ortiz vs Alberto El Patron Online along with betting tips and strategy.

How to Bet Combate Americas Online

Bovada / Bodog: Both share the same layout so it’s the same instructions. Click the link, go to their homepage. Click on UFC/MMA and that gives a list of all the UFC and MMA events they currently offer. There’s a drop down where you can filter it to show just Combate America fights.

Bet365 Sportsbook: You can find Combate by clicking “Boxing/MMA” in the sidebar. The green bar lists the brand name of the companies they offer. You just click on “To Win Fight” under Combate and it will list the fights.

For either sportsbook it’s a case of selecting the bet you want and it adds it to your bet slip on the right hand side.

Where To Watch Online:

Combate Americas is available to watch on both Univision and DAZN, depending on the country you live in.

Combate Americas Betting Strategy:

When it comes to shows like UFC or Bellator, usually I advise looking at the lesser known markets within. The prop bets. However that’s not an option here. Luckily it doesn’t matter.

Back in the early days of UFC, there was so much money to be made simply due to linesmakers not knowing the fighters well enough. That’s the case again here. That’s not to say you can bet the big underdogs and win – if someone is -300 or above then they are that for a reason. Trust me. However it’s the close fights where I feel there is value to be had. Where they have someone favoured at -140 at most.

Those are the ones where I am able to look at them and the fighters and be able to establish an edge. So when betting Combate Americas, look at the close fights then really examine the fighters and a few value picks should pop out to you.

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