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Where To Bet Table Tennis Online


Table Tennis, or Ping Pong, is a hugely popular game that’s notable for how readily available it is to play, both indoors and outside. With a host of professional leagues worldwide, we’ll now examine the sport closer, and what you can do to increase your chances of placing a more effective and profitable wager.

Starting out as a past-time for the English upper classes, Table Tennis would begin its life as a sport during the middle of the Victorian era. At the turn of the century it would go on to be marketed to the masses as ‘Ping Pong’, growing in popularity, with the bats and equipment becoming more and more professional throughout the twentieth century.

It was in1988 that Table Tennis would be officially recognized as an Olympic sport, with it being a part of the line-up that year. Securing its status as a fully fledged sport with serious competitors, it’s become a truly international game, with players and spectators from all across the world taking part. What does this mean when it comes to betting, and what does it have to offer you when putting down any kind of money on the sport?

Where To Bet Table Tennis Online:

America: The best option for all those across North America is Bovada, which provides everything you need when it comes to betting on Table Tennis.

Canada: For this Bet365 Sportsbook is your best option, giving you comprehensive coverage for most Table Tennis games and events across Canada.

Everywhere Else: This will be Bet365 Sportsbook again, as it provides a fully rounded list of Table Tennis bets and odds internationally.

Where To Make Specific Table Tennis Bets:

We’ll populate this soon with a list of where to bet specific table tennis tournaments etc.

What Table Tennis Bets/Props Are There?

Usually the first thing you’ll be presented with is the leagues themselves, as you can select each one individually. This will provide you with a range of bets, from betting on the overall match winners, to putting down lines, handicaps, and betting on the specific score of each round.

With the odds given too, you can customize any bets, laying out what you believe the results will be, as sportsbooks tend to cater heavily to Table Tennis, with it being a big market.

How to Bet Table Tennis:

Bovada: After selecting ‘Sports’ on the landing page, go on and choose ‘Table Tennis’ from along the navigation bar of the next. This will take you straight through into the Table Tennis section, with live odds rolling down the page in real-time, followed by all the upcoming events. From here you can select the matches you want to bet on, with the leagues themselves breaking up the games into different events down the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Down the left side of the page you’ll find ‘Table Tennis’, as they categories are listed alphabetically, with it being just above ‘Tennis’. Rolling up the middle of the page now, you’ll get all the Table Tennis leagues and events, with the matches and bets underneath. Opening up each subsection will take you through to the various games and matches, allowing you to place your bets and create your own betting coupon.

Common Table Tennis Questions:

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What types of Table Tennis games and bets are there?:

Mostly you’ll find single matches, with two players competing against one another on the table, but there are also doubles too. This can definitely affect the outcome of the game, and the bets tend to reflect this, with a large number of different options made available. Betting across various different lines and handicaps as well, you should find an interesting set of props on offer, right down to single sets, allowing you to create more competitive and appealing wagers.

Where To Watch Table Tennis Online:

There’s a variety of sites showing the games online, and it largely depends on where in the world they’re taking place. International governing bodies such as the International Table Tennis Federation, or the ITTF, make the games available through their own platform, which you can find at Then there’s YouTube for many of the older games, as you can find hours of archived footage, allowing you to catch-up on many of the players and their progress.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy:

Firstly it’s a good idea to consider where the odds for any given game or bet are coming from, and how they’re being calculated. It may be that they’re looking at rankings, which, whilst being a great starting block for any bets, as those winning early on typically stay on a running streak, other factors do need to be considered. External issues are essential to take into account, such as players and equipment, and who is playing and when.

There’s plenty of news outlets available online, including the ITTF as previously mentioned, along with social-media and forums. Just be sure to get a clear idea of the play beforehand and match this up with the odds provided, and you should then be ready to make a more informed decision when betting.

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