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Where To Bet The English EFL Cup


Running alongside the Premier League is the English Football League, which is a knockout Soccer tournament played in England. With ninety-two teams taking part at any one time, it’s held over seven rounds annually, as the final takes place in Wembley Stadium. What can you do to secure a more successful bet on it though, and what exactly does the event itself entail?

Currently sponsored by Carabao Energy Drink, it’s known as the Carabao Cup at this present time, as it’s managed through the English Football League, or the EFL for short. While it’s lower than the FA Cup, it’s status as one of the top four English league cups is still noteworthy, as many clubs pass through its ranks. This can be seen in the £100,000 prize money for first place, along with the runners-up being awarded £50,000, making it a highly competitive event. At the moment Liverpool hold the most winning titles in the event, although this could change in the near future.

Covering England and Wales, it also provides a stepping stone for teams to perform on an international level, as they go on to the UEFA Europa League. Where does your money come in then, and how can you potentially make the most of this when betting on it?

Where To Bet The English EFL Cup:

America: Everyone in North America will want to choose Everygame, with its having the most bets available around the time of the EFL matches.

Canada: With bets available for the EFL Cup, Sports Interaction has the most on offer at any given time.

Everywhere Else: Internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook is again the best option here when it comes to betting on the EFL.

What is The English EFL Cup?

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Starting out in 1960, the cup was originally conceived as a way of consolidating those teams that had already just been knocked out of the FA Cup. Initially seen as a way for clubs to make up for lost revenue and recoup profits, it would quickly go on to become its own major event. Later a position in UEFA would come its way, securing its status in the world of professional English Soccer.

Played over a total of seven rounds, the tournament would also come to host its final in Wembley Stadium, London, from 1968 onwards. The matches and tournament layout itself has a specific format, which is generally as follows:

  • Rounds: Separated into seven rounds, the cup is open to all ninety-two teams from the English Football League and Premier League, as thirty-two clubs remain by round three.
  • Match Legs: All the matches are single-legged up until the semi-finals, using extra time and penalties to decide upon the winners in the event of a draw.
  • Finals: It used to be that finals were decided through replays in the event of a draw, but now they use penalty shoot-outs.

There’s a lot of pressure on each of the games, especially in the case of penalty shoot-outs, which also means that there’s a lot of tension surrounding the games. With this, though, comes greater opportunities when it comes to betting, as we’ll now examine in closer detail here.

Common English EFL Cup Questions:

What bets are available and what should I watch for?:

First of all you should be able to find a selection of bets available for the many different upcoming EFL matches. Being able to place margins and handicaps on the games alongside predicting the overall results is what you’ll see first. This will allow you to place bets across the board, giving you a good cross section, while also allowing you to tailor your odds. Because of this you want to make sure you’re aware of each of the teams and how they’ve performed in the past, along with their preferred style of play.

How do I see the games?:

In the UK you can view the games through Sky Sports, while also being able to catch-up on the highlights through the Quest channel. Canada has the matches showing through the DAZN network, and the US has them currently available on ESPN. For many countries in Europe DAZN is again an option, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain, along with beIN Sports which airs in France. Internationally there are other options too, with a number of different broadcasters showing the event, all depending on where you are.

How to Bet The English EFL Cup:

Everygame: Picking ‘Sportsbook’ from the top of the first page, go on and select ‘Soccer’ located down the left-hand side now, right underneath ‘Top Competitions’. Move further down the left side again until you find the ‘England’ section, which will give you the option for the ‘English EFL Cup’. All the available matches and bets will be running down the middle of the page now, as and when the event itself is underway.

Bet365 Sportsbook: At the top of the first page you should find the ‘English’ language tab open, followed by the ‘Soccer’ option down below ‘Snooker’ on the left-hand side. This will take you through to all the available markets down the middle of the page, as you need to go to the ‘United Kingdom’ section, under which is the ‘England EFL Cup’ tab. Now you should be able to see all of the bets on offer for you to choose from.

The English EFL Cup Betting Strategy:

The odds can change throughout any given game, so be prepared to make any last minute bets right up until the final whistle. Watching the games live as you bet can really up the stakes, especially with teams going into extra time and penalties. Make the most of this by keeping an eye on any and all top goalscorers, as you should be able to find bets that specifically meet your requirements here.

Watch older games and keep yourself up-to-date with the news too, along with being aware of any changes in team management. Changes to the style in play can make every bit of difference, and once you’re aware of that you should greatly increase your chances of success.

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