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Where To Bet DOTA2 Correct Map Score

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Successfully predicting the outcome of any given game overall in sports betting is one thing, but determining the exact course of each match is another. This is something that many have taken to doing in Dota 2 though, as betters aim to predict the precise outcome of each and every map.

This essentially means that they’re not just looking at the winning of the matches, but what the teams will score on the map. Using scores such as ‘X Team To Win 2-0’, the better has to make sure that they gain this to win. Whilst this is a little more risky than an outright win, it provides higher stakes and a potentially even higher payout.

With this in mind we’ll now take a look at exactly how you can make this work for you and your bet. Along the way we’ll also provide some useful tips and tricks to really elevate your Dota 2 viewing experience.

Where To Bet DOTA2 Correct Map Score:

America: For everyone in North America, they’ll need to turn to Bovada as their first choice, as this has the most choices available at any one time. It may depend on timing though, as you’ll only have bets for upcoming matches, which is all relative to when you log-on. You should find that the site itself is easy to navigate whenever, especially when it comes to eSports and what’s on offer.

Everywhere Else: Everyone outside of North America will find that the best international platform for betting on eSports online is Bet365 Sportsbook. This will allow you to bet on the Dota 2 correct map score, along with plenty of other prop bets and more. Giving you the most choice, this really is unsurpassed as a sportsbook.

What is DOTA2 Correct Map Score Betting?

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Whilst betting on teams to win outright, betting on the correct map score is a much more precise bet. This allows the stakes to be higher, which can be hugely beneficial when there are certain teams that continually win time and time again. Taking things up a level, you are here given odds as to exactly what the scores will be after the match itself, as you then place a more distinct wager.

That means there are certain methods that you should use to best ascertain what this might be. Here are a few pointers on where to get started:

  • Map Use: The terrain is an essential component to the gameplay which, whilst it is always the same map, it wont always be the same play.
  • Teams Playing: Looking at the teams themselves is essential, as you must be aware of who is playing and when at all times.
  • Heroes in Action: Heroes, or avatars, are how players essentially interact with the game itself, and it’s important for players to keep in mind which heroes are in action and which are not.

Whilst this is just the beginning, you should be able to find a lot more methods available for making the most out of your bet. Knowing where to start is half of it though, as you need keep yourself constantly updated and informed.

Common DOTA2 Correct Map Score Betting Questions:

What can this bet offer me?

Given its extremely high stakes, you should find that this is definitely one of the more financially beneficial bets available. This is especially the case when combining it with the other bets, such as the various props on offer. Many betters find that this wager really ups the stakes when it comes to spectating, making it far more exciting and compelling too.

How will I know what to bet and when?

Sometimes going back to the basics is your best option, as you will want to really know the game from a fundamental level when making this bet. If you don’t want to get fully involved in playing yourself simply try out tutorials, which are free to play, in order to get an idea of the map itself and where everything is. Along with this watch previous matches through Twitch and YouTube, as this should also give you a clear idea of how a match typically pans out.

How To Bet DOTA2 Correct Map Score:

Bovada: Choosing ‘Sports’ when coming from the home page, you want to then go on and choose ‘Esports’, which is down the left hand side now, right below ‘Boxing’. After this go and pick ‘All E-Sports’, which now rolls down from the top of the page, giving you ‘Dota 2’. With all the leagues and tournaments rolling down the middle of the page now, you should be able to select prop bets, like ‘correct map score’, by using the bet tab on each league/tournament option.

Bet365 Sportsbook: From the English language tab at the top of the page go on and select the sports tab at the top of the page again. Following this you should see a whole selection of options down the left side of the page again, with ‘E-Sports’ as the twelfth option down, just below ‘Darts’. Using this you can then select whatever league/tournament you’re looking for from all the Dota 2 options, with the list of eSports rolling down the middle of the page now, along with the ‘correct map score’ bet.

DOTA2 Correct Map Score Betting Strategy:

With the correct map score you’re going to need a fine degree of accuracy when making this bet, as it’s certainly a far riskier wager. That being said, you don’t need to put so much money on it, given that the payout tends to be a lot higher. Complementing it with other larger bets across the board can also really lessen the blow if it doesn’t payout.

When it does payout, though, it really does make it all the more worthwhile. Making sure you’re well aware of the odds from the outset, calculating them against the players and teams themselves is essential. With plenty of newsfeeds available though, such as forums and social-media, you’ll always have up to the minute information open to you at all times for any bets you want to make.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.