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Where To Bet DOTA2 Match Handicap

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Some games seem like a dead certainty from the very outset, which can make the odds a little unsatisfying when it comes to turning any kind of profit. Not to mention, it can also become a little bit stale when watching a game of this nature. That’s where the match handicap bet comes in, as it manages to realign the odds, making the game far more exciting to watch.

As with any sport, Dota 2 betting has also seen the benefits of this in regards to betting, with one team effectively being put at a handicap from the outset of the game. Essentially this means that the team that’s expected to come out ahead is also expected to win more matches throughout the course of any given league or tournament. This also manages to equal out the odds for the other teams, giving you a more fulfilling betting experience in the process.

How exactly can they help you though, and what can they offer your viewing experience whilst watching Dota 2? Here we’ll lay that down here, along with how you can make the match handicap bet work best.

Where To Bet DOTA2 Match Handicap:

America: For those in North America the best place online is Bovada, as this is the sportsbook with the most eSports options going. Giving you everything you need, you should be able to find a match handicap bet along with plenty of other options. Easy to navigate too, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this particular site, although choices may vary depending upon when you log-on.

Everywhere Else: Internationally you will want to choose Bet365 Sportsbook as your first port of call for all your eSports betting needs. On this site you should find all the main bets available, along with a number of smaller prop bets too. Not only that, but you can also tailor many of the bets to your own personal needs as well.

What is DOTA2 Match Handicap Betting?

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Putting one team at a handicap essentially means that you’re putting them ahead in terms of what they’ve got to win and lose. This means that one team, usually the more dominant team, is put on a minus score, as they’ve then got to win more games to reach the other team’s score. For the purposes of betting this is a great way of levelling the playing field, making the games a lot more exciting, especially if there’s a team that’s already known to win consecutively.

In terms of professional Dota 2 playing, this can really make or break a game when it comes to watching a group of match sets. When watching the games themselves though, there are definitely some features which you’ll need to keep an eye on:

  • Players Playing: As with any team-game, the players playing need to be accounted for, as team interaction has a number of intricacies behind it, informing the outcome of the match in a number of ways.
  • Heroes in Use: This will again help determine the final results, as each avatar used interacts with their environment and map differently.
  • Teams and Regions Playing: Some regions and teams are seen as more likely to win, which can determine the odds given here.

These are just a few starting points, as there’s a lot more that goes into getting that all important win. With far more to come though, you should be able to quickly find your way in the world of Dota 2 match handicaps.

Common DOTA2 Match Handicap Betting Questions:

What will this bet offer me?

It’s not exactly fun or fulfilling when one team always wins, plus you don’t really gain much of a profit either. This is why levelling out the odds can really help you to make your bet a lot more appealing, which is what the match handicap offers. Making the game not only exciting again, but financially rewarding too, you can really use this bet to its full potential.

How do I find out more on who’s playing?

There’s plenty of opportunities online to find who will be playing next and where. Checking newsfeeds and social-media is a great place to start, as this will allow you to remain up-to-date with all the latest that’s happening. Services like Twitch are the ideal place to start, along with older games on YouTube, as well as Valve’s own streaming services for live Dota 2 events.

How To Bet DOTA2 Match Handicap:

Bovada: Starting out on the main page, you want to go about selecting the ‘Sports’ tab, located right by the ‘Casino’ option. Then, down the left side of the page, you want to go on and choose the ‘Esports’ option down at the bottom beneath ‘Boxing’. From there go on and pick the ‘All E-Sports’ choice that rolls down from the top of the page, choosing the ‘DOTA 2’ option from there. This will then give you all the leagues and tournaments available, along with the ‘match handicap’ bet for many of them.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the English language tab, move on to the next page and choose ‘Sports’ from the top again. Next you’ll want the ‘E-Sports’ tab which is the twelfth option down the left side of the page, just below ‘Darts’. From here go on and find the Dota 2 league or tournament you want from the list of eSports rolling down the center of the page now, whereby you should also be given the choice of ‘match handicap’ for many of them too.

DOTA2 Match Handicap Betting Strategy:

Calculating the odds given is one of the essential components to making a bet such as this, as you’ll need to offset what you’re working with against who is playing and when. The fact that these are all set to change at any point too, is also something that you need to keep in mind. You will essentially need to balance the two, keeping yourself constantly updated and informed.

Knowing exactly who is playing and when will allow you to gain a clear understanding of who will have the advantage at any given point in time. This will evolve over the course of the league/tournament, as players are shifted and timetables moved. With plenty of resources, such as streaming and social-media, available online, there’s no shortage of information available out there to help get started and get successful.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.