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Where To Bet NHL Player Goals Prop


One common and fun prop bet you can make when it comes to the NHL is betting on whether or not a player will score a goal in a game.

It’s one of my favourite bets to place from a casual perspective as it makes it really fun watching the game and rooting for a certain player to score.

It’s a common bet that you can make at a variety of different sportsbooks, but it’s a bet that you to really go with the right sportsbook to bet at. The reason for that is the variables related to it. I mean sure you could just bet “Will Ovechkin score a goal? Yes or No?” and that’s simple enough – but what about variables based on that bet.

What about betting if he will score the first goal? Or the last goal? Or if he will score multiple goals? Or if he will get goals and assists?

You want to go beyond just the “yes or no” question if only because you’ll get more interesting odds with the different bets. Below I will list the best sportsbooks to bet where to Bet NHL Player Goals at due to a variety of reasons – such as the basics, and then all the variables that come with NHL player goals, and then just the best sportsbooks based on the odds for betting on NHL player goals.

Where To Bet NHL Player Goals

America: The best place is BetOnline for NHL Player Goal betting. The reason for that is how flexible it is. You can bet on a player to score at least one goal but there is actually a drop down menu so you can choose more goals. So if you think Crosby is good for 2 goals that night you can choose to bet “At least 2 goals” nice and easy. They’ve got a lot of other player related props as well such as amount of points a player will bet then they also offer shots on goal and Team Goals.

Canada: The best sportsbook for NHL betting in Canada is Sports Interaction. It covers almost everything and that is the same for player goals where you can bet on whether a player will score a goal or NOT score a goal. You can get some real good odds depending on the player as well. I would also advise an account at Bet365 Sportsbook as they offer a few variations that I will talk about in a second.

Everywhere Else: For everyone outside of North America, I strongly advise Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer a variety of bets related to goalscorers. You can bet someone will be an anytime goalscorer but you can also get a bigger risk by betting that they will be the first goalscorer or the last goalscorer in the game. You can also bet if they will be the first goalscorer or last goalscorer just for the team, if they will score multiple goals etc.

What Player Goal Bets Are There?

So obviously there is the most simple bet. You are placing a bet on a player to score a goal. You’re saying “Hey I think tonight Leon Draisaitl will score a goal.” If he scores, you win the bet. Good stuff.

There are numerous other variations to that as mentione above and using Leon Draisaitl as an example, I will cover them:

  • Yes Or No: With this varation, you can bet that he will NOT score a goal in that game.
  • First Goal: With this bet you are betting that Draisaitl will score the very first goal of the game. Then there is the variation of First Team Goal meaning as long as the Oilers first goal is scored by him, you win the bet. So if Oilers were down 4-0 but Draisaitl scores and you bet him as first team scorer, you win.
  • Last Goal: Exact opposite of the above. You are betting that he will score the very last goal in the game, or the very last goal for the Oilers in that game.
  • X Goals: You have the option of betting on the quantity of goals Draisaitl will score. This usually has an “At least” variant to it. As in “At least 2 goals”. I’ve never seen bets like “Exactly” 2 goals.
  • To Score in Period: You know your player likes to start fast? Or start slow but end strong? You can actually place – at quite high odds – bets that will say “Draisaitl will score a goal in the 2nd period” etc.

Common NHL Player Goals Betting Questions:

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Can you bet on goals plus assists?:

Yes you can. It’s similar to the NBA prop of betting points plus assists. You can bet the quantity of points that a player will get in a game, and the combined total of goals and assists will cover that.

How to Bet NHL Player Goals

BetOnline: On their site, go under the NHL section. Click on a game to expand it and see all the options for that game. The player props will be there and you want to choose the “Goals (At Least)” option.

Sports Interaction: This one is actually in two different spots depending on the day. It can either be under “NHL Games” and found by expanding the specific game you wish to bet on, or it can be found under NHL Props. All of the props will be listed there and you just have to scroll down to find it.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Visit the NHL section and then click on a game to bring up all the betting options. Go under “Score” and it will be there.

Player Goals Betting Strategy:

There’s a couple of things that I like to consider for this bet:

  1. If the player is on a hot streak. Look for those streaky players that get on a nice run of scoring and try and get them just as they enter the streak.
  2. Against specific opponents. For whatever reason, be it personal agenda, a goalie/player matchup or just the layout of team tactics, certain players perform better goals wise against specific teams and goalies. Look for that and exploit it.
  3. Advanced metrics. Nothing beats numbers. Look for players who often score on a HDCF for example or convert them better. Then look at those teams who concede against an HDCF more than usual. And bet accordingly.

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