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Where To Bet NBA Race to 20 Points


The sheer amount of betting options for an NBA game is staggering. There are so many options that sometimes you are just looking for a bet that you can settle early. Sometimes we don’t have 2-3 hours to watch a full game, sometimes we just want to make a quick bet and get out.

A great bet for this is the Race to 20 Points/First Team to Reach 20 Points. This is a simple bet that is exactly like it sounds and is a ton of fun to bet on. Every shot matters early in the game and you are really on the edge of your seat with every point scored in that first quarter.

This post is going to tell you a bit more about the Race to 20 Points including how to bet them and our strategy for picking winners, but first let’s figure out where to bet them.

Where To Bet NBA Race to 20 Points:

America: Bovada offers one of the widest selections of NBA game props of any website out there. They offer First team to reach 20 points and much more for every game on the schedule, every day of the season.

Canada: A great site for Canadians is Sports Interaction which offers a wide variety of betting prop options for each game of the season.

Everywhere Else: 888 is one of the best betting sites in the world and they offer a great selection of betting props for every NBA game.

What is NBA Race to 20 Points?

This bet is just like it sounds like as you are betting on the team that reaches 20 points first in the game. What happens after that doesn’t matter, it’s only about the first twenty points scored in the game.

The line is typically based on the point spread for the game so if one team is favored over the other, they might be -120 or more to score 20 first. While the underdog in the game will also be the underdog in the first to 20.

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Common NBA Race to 20 Points Questions:

What teams typically start hot?

A great way to break down a bet like this is to dig deep into the stats. For instance, you can find 1st quarter points per game as well as 1st quarter points allowed per game. The leading teams will be found there.

These lines are typically set off of the point spread, so a favorite in the game will be favored in the odds, but you can find value when you find an exceptional first quarter team.

How to Bet NBA Race to 20 Points:

Bovada: From the list of that day’s games, click the game odds with the number beside it. This will pull up a list of alternate lines and other game props. Under the game props section you will find “The First to reach 20 points”.

Sports Interaction: Click the “NBA Games” from the left hand sidebar of the page. From there you will get a list of the day’s games. Click on the game you like and you will find a list of props including Race to 20 points.

888: Go to the list of the day’s NBA games and find the game you are looking for. Clicking on the match-up will bring up a list of related betting options for the game and under “Match Events” you will find the first to 10 points, 20 points, and even 50 points.

NBA Race to 20 Points Betting Strategy:

A good way to bet this one is by finding first quarter overachievers who are also underdogs in the game. They may not win the game, but young teams and athletic teams will typically start the game hot before settling as things become more defensively oriented. That makes them a solid play in the first quarter to get to twenty first.

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