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Where To Bet NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread


You really never know how a playoff series is going to go in the NBA. You can feel like one teams is so much better that they should dominate, but they could lose a couple of games to some hot hitters and all the sudden we have a series.

There is a number that a team should win by. Just like there is a spread set on every game of the playoffs, there is a spread set on every series. How many games a team should win a series by is a fun way to bet a series without sweating every single game.

This article will focus on NBA Playoffs Series Game Spreads and just what that means. We’ll show you how to bet it, where to bet it and our strategy for winning betting it.

Where To Bet NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread:

America: The top sportsbook for betting NBA Playoff Series Game Spreads is Bovada. They offer options on every series throughout the playoffs as well as Correct Score and numerous player props.

Canada: Bodog is the best betting option for Canadians when it comes to betting the NBA and especially things such as the playoff series game spread.

The reason for that is they have American ties historically so they are more of an American sportsbook in terms of the odds they offer and the bets they have, which means for American sports such as the NBA you are best to place your bets here.

Everywhere Else: 888 offer Game Spreads, but they are listed as “Handicap – Series Outcome”. They offer a wide variety of prop bets related to the NBA Playoffs in general not just game spreads.

What are NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread Bets?

The NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread is a spread set on a particular playoff seed. For instance, a #1 seed might be -2.5 against a lower seed in the playoffs. This means that they need to win 4-1 or 4-0 to cover the spread. A 4-2 win would mean the underdog beat the spread.

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For closer matched series you might see this at -1.5 or lower. You are not only betting on which team wins, but by how much.

This is obviously set up due to the difference in team strength in the NBA.

It’s generally expected for the #1 seeds to clean the clocks of their opponents and so on.

The sportsbooks give you the option of a fairer bet. It’s just like a point spread bet but for actual games. It allows them to balance out the action a bit too as no-one is going to be betting on a team to win a series at -5000 odds or whatever ridiculous odds they set. This way it encourages a lot more action.

Common NBA Playoffs Series Game Spread Questions:

Has any team ever come back from being down 0-2?

While this is a highly unlikely occurrence, it is not impossible. The record of teams down 0-2 in a best of seven series is 19-273. Of the 19 teams to pull this feat off, the most recent was the Boston Celtics in 2017. The year before that both Portland (in the first round against the Clippers) and Cleveland (in the 3-1 comeback NBA Finals) did it.

What are some of the biggest comebacks in NBA Playoffs history?

One of the bigger comebacks in NBA Playoff history came in the Western Conference semi-finals when the Los Angeles Lakers completed a 29-point comeback against the Seattle SuperSonics. However, this isn’t as impressive as it seems on paper. The Lakers were going for the sweep in this game and the deficit came relatively early in the game.

The Clippers actually completed one of the greatest fourth-quarter NBA comebacks of all time in 2012 as they clawed back against the Grizzlies to overcome a 27-point deficit. They began their comeback towards the end of the third quarter, but with 5:08 left in the fourth quarter they were still down 12. They did a great job on both ends of the court towards the end. Nick Young had an outstanding game with 19 points off the bench.

As far as the greatest comeback in playoff history, that also belongs to the Clippers in the 2019 NBA Playoffs. The Golden State Warriors, the favorites for the NBA Championship, built a 30-point lead in their game against the Clippers. The Warriors, lead by Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, got out to a 91-61 lead with 7:57 remaining in the third quarter. The Clippers were a big underdog in the series and had no real superstars to speak of. Everyone was predicting a sweep.

Instead, the team really rallied and ended up scoring 85 points in the second half en route to a win. Lou Williams was the star here as he ended up with 36 points and 11 assists in this one while Montrezl Harrell added 25 and 10 boards.

How To Bet NBA Playoff Series Game Spread:

Sports Interaction: From the Outrights section of Basketball, find the link marked “Team Specials” under here you will find the “Handicap – Series Outcome” section with the odds and spreads on the series.

Bovada /Bodog: Find the “NBA Playoff Series Prices” section under basketball and find the series you are interested in. On the right side of the series you want, click the “+” symbol with the number. Here you will find a variety of betting props related to the series.

NBA Playoff Series Game Spread Betting Strategy:

This one is pretty straight forward if you ask me. If you think the better team should sweep, absolutely lay the games.

However, you should be looking for strong home teams that are underdogs. The NBA Playoffs are all about home court advantage so if you have a team that you think can win at least two home games, that is a great spot to take the +games.

We’re also seeing more and more gentlemans sweeps in the NBA it seems, where a team wins 4-1 with the lower seed winning that Game 3 which is their first game at home. So that’s something to pay attention to when it comes to point spreads – look at that pivotal game 3. If you think there is a solid chance the team could take it and they are +3.5 in the game spreads, that’s a good bet.

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