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Where To Bet Valorant Match Handicaps

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Like any eSport, there are teams out there that will tend to dominate games and events, especially when it comes to Valorant. These stale odds are where betting handicaps can help, as they level the arena, making it easier to get you better, more agreeable odds. Here we’ll take a closer inspection of the handicaps on offer regarding betting on Valorant and how they can help you potentially turn a profit.

Giving one team a set deficit to overcome before the match starts, you virtually even the odds when it comes to higher ranking teams. These are usually teams who’ve previously performed well instead of squads that have yet to prove themselves on the playing field. Usually, you can either place a decreased amount on the team favored to win or an increased amount on those who are not. It’s an obstacle you’re putting on the teams, and, with games of Valorant typically played in best-of-three or best-of-five, winning the rounds is what your bets will be going. This wager also means that if the Valorant team you’ve bet on loses, you’ve still got a good chance of seeing a payout coming your way.

What should you look for when making this type of bet, though, and where should you put your money down when it comes to Valorant handicaps? Not to worry, as we’ve got all of that sorted, breaking it down in further detail while giving you advice for increasing your betting potential.

Where To Bet Valorant Match Handicaps:

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What is Valorant Match Handicaps?

Putting a handicap on a Valorant team that’s favored to win will mean they must win by more points, in turn, evening out the odds. A team with a -2.5 handicap placed upon them will need to win by at least three points if you are to secure a win and gain a profit. This betting also works for the opposing team, as in you place a +2.5 handicap on them, and they won’t need to win by so many points for you to win. Also known as a spread bet or a line bet, it’s ideal for combining alongside other wagers when teams mismatched in skill-level are playing one another.

With the matches themselves, teams must win either best-of-three or five, winning the most rounds, which constitute the points that make up this bet. Here are a few factors that could potentially determine the skill-level of a Valorant team, in turn affecting their overall handicap:

  • Player Line-Up: looking at the players’ history, you must take note of this when determining the skill level of a Valorant team overall.
  • Regions and Countries: some countries will fare better, especially if Valorant is a lot more popular there than it is elsewhere, so keep this in mind.
  • Maps: while it may be the players and teams themselves that win or lose, some handle certain maps and terrains better than others, so this could change everything.
  • Agents: while this goes back to players again, the agents used in-game are noteworthy, as skills and powers can clash, changing the outcome of a game at any moment.

When the sportsbooks determine the odds, they usually focus on the winning streaks of the teams playing, which is important, but these factors are also useful and sometimes overlooked. What are the winning signs of the teams themselves then, and what should you look for when placing a Valorant betting handicap?

Common Valorant Match Handicaps Questions:

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Where should I begin with a handicap?

Usually, it’s best to start by looking at some smaller teams, as they will provide more opportunities for providing competitive handicaps. This research will not only provide better odds when putting money down, but it’s also ideal when spectating the games too. It’s also useful to keep in mind those teams that will gain momentum as the match progresses, racking up rounds later. With the ability to place as many handicaps as you want at any one time, you can effectively spread several bets out between the teams. This betting management can effectively create various combinations, letting you experiment and find something that’s ultimately more appealing.

What signs can I look for when predicting the Valorant rounds won?

You’ll want to start with the team’s skill-level playing, looking at where they’re at before the game. From the squads to the individual players themselves, you need to pay close attention to every aspect, seeing who the line-up is and what they’ve got to offer. Then there are the various elements of the gameplay itself, including the maps and agents used and smaller details such as patches made. Some teams can pull out surprise wins at the last minute that the sportsbooks themselves may have overlooked, as they’re mainly concerned with previous successes. Try to look beyond these, checking for any last-minute changes made and clashes in playing styles that might alter the overall results.

How to Bet Valorant Match Handicaps:


Going directly to the site’s betting section, head on down the left side of the page picking ‘VALORANT,’ finding all the upcoming matches listed down the middle. Beside each match will be a + number of props available, and you can then select it, opening up all the bets down the page. Under the ‘Handicap Markets’ subsection, you can open this up, and it should give you both ‘Match Up’ options allowing you to make your selection.

Valorant Match Handicaps Betting Strategy:

You’ll find handicaps available for most Valorant games, with a wide selection of competitive odds from which you can choose. Ideally, you want to measure up the teams’ skills first, looking for any advantages they may have, and then seeing if they stack up against the odds provided. Spreading your bets out is also a good idea, making the most of what’s on offer across the board, combining your wagers.

Although there’s always going to be some degree of uncertainty when putting your money down, you can alleviate any tensions with plenty of research. Once you’ve done all this, you should then be able to put your money down on Valorant match handicaps with far more confidence.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.