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Where To Bet NFL Player Rushing and Receiving Yards


Some of the most exciting passing plays come out of the backfield. A running back catching a little pass and then doing his running back thing is the thing of beauty and when it works is a real game changer on the play.

Having a running back that can catch passes is a huge boon to an offense. It is also pretty dang fun to bet on. While betting on rushing yards has its own advantages, betting on rushing yards and receiving yards is a lot more exciting. It doesn’t take much to hit as you have two options for big plays to get there.

If this is something you are interested in, keep on reading because I am going to get into this betting market and show you how to bet it.

Where To Bet Player Rushing and Receiving Yards:

America: Unfortunately, you can’t bet the combined yards at BetOnline. However, you can bet both rushing yards and receiving yards individually. There are also a ton of other betting options here for each NFL game.

Everywhere Else: A website where you can find player rushing and receiving yards odds is Bet365 Sportsbook. This site offers a lot of options for the NFL fan.

What is Player Rushing and Receiving Yards betting?

A player rushing and receiving bet is a bet on the total amount of yards from scrimmage that a player will have with an over/under set to it. A player will get a total and then the bettor needs to decide if they think it will go over or under this total.

An example:

Clyde Edwards-Helaire – 48.5

In this example, if Edwards-Helaire finishes with 49 total yards that is an over. If he finishes with 48, that is an under.

The key is to look for players that you know can get carries and catches because all it takes is one big one from one or the other to get you a win in this.

Common Player Rushing and Receiving Yards Questions:

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What is the NFL record for rushing and receiving yards in a single game?

The all-time yards from scrimmage record for the NFL is held by Flipper Anderson of the Los Angeles Rams who totaled 336 yards in 1989. Flipper had all 336 yards receiving.

For someone who actually did both, there is Billy Cannon who and 216 yards rushing and 114 yards receiving in 1961 for the Houston Oilers.

What should I look for when betting the rushing and receiving yard betting prop?

You basically want to look for players who no matter how the game will go, will be involved in the game. A gamescript can change everything. However there will be players that will be relied on constantly regardless of how the game is going and so they are the ones to look out for.

You can get an idea by looking at their consistency over previous games or even prior seasons. Look at the results, how the game went etc and look for those players who regardless of the result, were heavily used etc.

How to Bet Player Rushing and Receiving Yards:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Head to the NFL section of the site and you will see a huge list of all of the available props for the game. Scroll down to the “Player Props” section and look for “Player Rushing and Receiving Yards” to see the odds for this market.

Player Rushing and Receiving Yards Betting Strategy:

With odds like this, you want to make sure that your running back will be on the field during passing downs. There are always running backs that simply don’t take part in those downs no matter how good they are and those are the kind you want to avoid. Unless you believe they can get there on their own.

A good example of that would be a running back with odds around 48.5. If you think they could get there without catching a single pass, take it.

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