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Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Strikeouts


Baseball is a strikeout league now. The pitchers throw hard and have more movement. There is places like Driveline where pitchers can hone their craft and learn how to throw even harder. It’s pretty crazy the amount of strikeouts that we see across baseball these days. While pitcher’s overall strikeout numbers are down, the strikeout average per 9 innings pitched is at an all-time high. Five of the top seven seasons of all time in K/9 took place from 2017-2020. Like I said, it’s a strikeout league now.

With so many strikeouts and so little hitting, betting on just strikeouts can be a pretty fun betting opportunity. You know that the pitchers are going to get them, it’s just a matter of how many they are going to get. A big strikeout can be really exciting when you’re in the mood for it and having some action on it is definitely a way to get in the mood.

If you are interested in betting on MLB pitcher strikeouts, this is the article for you. I am going to tell you how this betting market works, where you can bet it, and how I like to bet it.

Where To Bet MLB Pitcher Strikeouts:

America: BetOnline is a sportsbook with many MLB betting props. They offer a lot of player props on each game as well.

Everywhere Else: Betting props on MLB Pitcher Strikeouts are available at Bet365 Sportsbook.

What are MLB Pitcher Strikeouts?

The way the MLB Pitcher Strikeouts betting market works is with a simple over/under on the amount of strikeouts that a player will finish the game with. The total will be set and then you can bet whether you think that it will end up being over or under that number.

An example of this would look like this: Shane Biber 9.5 strikeouts

So, you’d need to bet whether you think the strikeouts will be over (10 or more strikeouts) or under (9 strikeouts or less) for Bieber in the game.

Common MLB Pitcher Strikeouts Questions:

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What is the record for strikeouts in a single game?

There have been four pitchers in MLB history to finish a game with 20 or more strikeouts. The all-time record is 21, held by Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators who did it over 16 innings in 1962.

As far as a nine inning game goes, there are three people to have notched twenty strikeouts in a single game. Rogers Clemens was the first to do it in 1986 for the Boston Red Sox against Seattle. Amazingly, he did it against ten years later against the Detroit Tigers. He is the only man to do it twice.

Kerry Wood of the Chicago Cubs also had a 20-strikeout game against Houston in May of 1998. Most impressive about Wood is that he did it while he was still a rookie.

The other man to do it was Randy Johnson who notched 20 in 2001. However, the game went 11 innings and despite the fact that he did all his strikeouts in the first nine innings, he is not recognized by MLB as sharing the record. An interesting fact about Randy Johnson is that he is the only pitcher with two 19 strikeout games. both in 1997. He also had an 18 strikeout game in just eight innings.

How to Bet MLB Pitcher Strikeouts:

BetOnline: All player props can be found by click the red “+” next to the day’s MLB games. To find the list of MLB games, just click “Baseball” and then “MLB” from the left hand side of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Click “Baseball” on the menu and it will pull up all of the betting options. Find “Pitcher Strikeouts” and you will have all the odds that you need.

MLB Pitcher Strikeouts Betting Strategy:

This is only worth betting on if you have a pitcher with a high strikeout rate so that should be step one. Some noodle armed pitcher is not going to turn into Randy Johnson just because you bet the over on him so don’t even try it.

Once you’ve selected a solid strikeout pitcher, you want to look at how they match up. Look at the opposing team’s strikeout and walk rates. Walk rates are important to look at here because you don’t want a team that is super patient going against your guy. Even if he gets some strikeouts, he might tire fast and thus leave the game earlier than normal. It is also important to look at how the opposing team hits pitchers of his handedness.

If all of these stats work out, hit that over!

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