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Where To Bet MLB Player Runs


Runs are the name of the game in baseball. If you don’t score, you don’t win. However, offense is also at a premium and scoring runs can be hard to predict. There hasn’t been a player to average one run scored per game since the 1930s. The closest thing we’ve seen is Jeff Bagwell who scored 152 in 159 games in the year 2000. That was a huge outlier and we haven’t seen anything close to that since.

A player scoring a run is one of those things that seems easy to predict, but is actually pretty difficult. The very best players, the greatest players of all time, don’t score a run in every game. Not even close. This is what makes it such a fun thing to bet on. You can’t fully predict it, but it pays off well if you can.

Where To Bet MLB Player Runs:

America: Bovada offers a lot of MLB player props for each game with their prop builder, including the Runs+Hits+RBIs prop for players.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is the place to go if you are looking for betting odds on MLB Player Runs.

What is MLB Player Runs betting?

There is an over/under set for each player on MLB Player Runs totals.

The fun thing about these odds is that they are set at 0.5 runs for every player. It doesn’t matter if they are a superstar or a scrub, the total is set at 0.5. However, the moneyline odds attached to them fluctuate.

For our example, let’s take a look at the Philadelphia Phillies:

Bryce Harper 0.5 – Over (-150) / Under (+110)
Obudel Herrera 0.5 – Over (+165) / Under (-230)

In this scenario, Harper is clearly considered the better offensive player so the betting odds are more costly on an over bet and under is more of an underdog play. For Herrera, the opposite is true.

Common MLB Player Runs Questions:

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What is the MLB record for most runs scored by a player in a single game?

The record for most runs scored in a single game is six runs. It has been accomplished sixteen times in MLB history. The players who have accomplished this feat are: Jim Whitney, Cap Ansondagger, Mike Tiernan, King Kellydagger, Ezra Sutton, Jimmy Ryan, Bobby Lowe, Ginger Beaumont, Mel Ott (twice), Johnny Pesky, Frank Torre, Spike Owen, Edgardo Alfonzo, Shawn Green, and Joe Randa.

The most recent person to do it was Joe Randa who accomplished the feat in 2004.

How to Bet MLB Player Runs:

Bovada: The easiest way to get to the MLB Player Props at this website is to find the Prop Builder. When you are on the sportsbook section of the site, it will be on the bottom left hand side of the website. Once you are on that page, click on MLB and it will show you all of the props that you are able to build for this game.

Bet365 Sportsbook: When you are in the sportsbook section of the website, click “Baseball” from the menu of sports offered. This will bring up a page with a ton of betting options. Find the “Player Props” and then look for MLB Player Runs to bet on this market.

MLB Player Runs Betting Strategy:

A good strategy for this one is lineup construction. Let’s take the example above where Bryce Harper had much better odds than Obduel Herrera. Harper has the better odds, but depending on the lineup he might not be the better bet.

Let’s say that Herrera is batting first or second ahead of Harper. The odds are clearly set to favor Harper because he is a great hitter, but if Herrera manages to get on base ahead of him then he has a better chance of scoring. If he’s on first and Harper hits a double, he scores. If Harper hits a homerun, he scores.

This one isn’t so much about the superstar player to me, but the player who bats in front of that superstar player. That can often be where the value is found.

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