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Where To Bet World Cup Stage of Elimination


One future bet you can make during the World Cup is at what stage a team will be eliminated.

You can bet that a nation will be eliminated in the group stage, in the last 16 round, or that they will make it all the way to the quarter-finals before they get eliminated.

You can of course also bet that they will get eliminated in the semi-finals, that they will get eliminated in the final – or that they don’t get eliminated at all.

Meaning they actually win the World Cup.

Betting on a nation’s stage of elimination in the World Cup is a fairly common bet, but it’s important you place this bet at the best sportsbooks. Sportsbooks that are trustworthy, and sportsbooks that have good odds. Also sportsbooks that have a cash out feature, in case you get cold feet when that team you backed to get eliminated in the group stage is suddenly one point away from going through.

Where To Bet World Cup Stage of Elimination

America: so Bovada offer this bet. Just in a bit of a roundabout way. They don’t have a second just for the “Stage of Elimination” bet by team, but instead Bovada have all of these bets in different sections. For example, they have a bet “Not To Advance From Group Stage”. Then separate bets like “To Reach the Quarter-Final” and “To Reach the Semi-Final” etc. So you can still make the bet there – it’s just slightly more complicated. They are currently one of the only sportsbooks that cater to Americans and offer this bet though – even if it is a bit complicated.

Canada: This bet is available at Sports Interaction. They have it broken up by stage so you can bet if a team will reach the quarter-final for example. You can then bet “Yes” or “No” on that so you get a bit more of a wide range. You could bet Portugal won’t reach the quarter-final, meaning you think they will get eliminated in the two stages prior to that. They also have the “Stage of Elimination” section so you can simply scroll down to it, find the nation you want to bet, and then back when you think they will be eliminated.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook have a Stage of Elimination section, which lists all of the nations participating in the World Cup. You can then bet on what stage each nation will be eliminated.

What World Cup Stage of Elimination Bets Are There?

So the Stage of Elimination bet is you betting when a nation will be eliminated.

You can bet that a nation will be eliminated in the Group Stage, in the Last 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Final or actually win the World Cup.

You win the bet if the nation you backed gets eliminated in that stage.

There are other variables where you can bet that a team won’t reach a particular stage. So you could bet that a team won’t reach the semi-finals, meaning as long as they get eliminated prior to the semi-finals, you win your bet.

You can also bet that a team will reach a particular stage – and whether they win or lose, it doesn’t matter.

Common World Cup Stage of Elimination Questions:

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Can you bet on a team to reach a particular stage in the World Cup?:

Yes you can. All of the sportsbooks listed above and below offer the betting prop where you are simply betting that a team will reach that particular stage of the World Cup. You can also bet that they won’t make that stage meaning you could bet that Brazil won’t make the final. You win your bet if they get eliminated at any point before the final.

How to Bet the World Cup Stage of Elimination

Bovada: Like I said above, it’s a roundabout way. They have no “Stage of Elimination” section run down by nation. You have to find the bet “Will this team get eliminated at this stage”, then bet it. It’s filtered by stage, not nation.

Sports Interaction: Under World Cup Futures, you will see a lot of bets like “To Reach the Quarter-Finals” but if you continue to scroll down, you will see the Stage of Elimination bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook: They have a section called “Stage of Elimination” and you can click on that. It’s sorted by nation, and you click on the stage of elimination for the nation.

For all sportsbooks, they are added to your bet slip then you simply have to choose the wager, and place the bet.

World Cup Stage of Elimination Betting Strategy:

Personally, I would go for safer bets such as betting a team won’t reach the final, as an example. Variance can be very tough.

If you want to bet on the stage of elimination, draw up a list of all of the potential teams that they can meet during that stage of elimination. Via general guesswork, do the math to see their chances against each team. Then compare that to the odds, and see if it is a viable bet to make.

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