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Where To Bet World Cup Eliminated by Penalty Shootout


A “fun” bet for England fans – bet on a team to be eliminated by a penalty shootout!

Prior to the tournament beginning, you can bet on a nation to be eliminated from the World Cup via penalty shootout.

So if you think a team is going to make it past the group stages, feel they will face evenly matched opposition, and could go to penalties where they will lose? Well, this is the bet for you. And like I said – England are probably an automatic bet on this betting market.

The nice thing is the odds are actually quite juicy for this, considering how often a penalty shootout decides things. Let’s first talk about where to bet this penalty shootout elimination prop:

Where To Bet World Cup Eliminated by a Penalty Shootout

America: As of this moment, no sportsbooks that accept Americans have this betting prop. The two sportsbooks I would keep an eye on are BetOnline and Bovada who will likely have this prop available at some point. As a side note, BetOnline have some fun props including an over/under prop on how many matches will go to penalties.

Canada: You can bet the penalty elimination prop at Sports Interaction

Everywhere Else: One of the best for World Cup props, Bet365 Sportsbook have this betting prop listed. They list every nation, and also allow you to bet “Yes” or “No” if you don’t think a team will be eliminated via penalties. They also have a few other penalty related props, and then bets available on what stage a nation will be eliminated.

What is the Eliminated by Penalties Bet?

You are betting that a nation will make it past the group stage, and then when they get to the knockout stages they wll be eliminated by penalty shootout.

That means that they will be eliminated after 90 minutes and after extra time, when the game goes to a penalty shootout.

It doesn’t matter what stage they get eliminated. As long as they get eliminated after penalties. If they win the World Cup, you will lose your bet. If they lose in 90 minutes or extra time, they will lose your bet.

Common Eliminated by Penalty Shootout Questions:

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What if a nation loses 1-0 due to a penalty?

This will not count. It must be a penalty shootout.

Can I bet on the amount of games that will go to penalties?

Yes you can. BetOnline have this prop with a current over/under of 2.5 matches.

How to Bet Eliminated by Penalty Shootout

Sports Interaction: You can find it in the World Cup Outrights section. Look for the header “Eliminated by Penalty Shootout” and it is there, with both Yes or No options.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Under their World Cup section, look for “Outrights”. You will see the heading “Eliminated by Penalty Shootout” and that is the category you want.

Eliminated by Penalty Shoout Betting Strategy:

First, make a list of the teams likely to make beyond the group stages of the World Cup. Then, compare the teams they will likely play against.

Look for ones where it seems very close on paper, then look at the odds and see if there is value there in being eliminated via penalty shootout.

Or just bet on England to be eliminated by penalty shootout. Seems a banker these days.

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