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Where To Bet World Cup Group Qualification


A popular bet when it comes to betting on the World Cup, is group qualification.

You can bet on whether or not a team will actually qualify from their group.

This can be a more safer bet to make compared to bets such as winning the group, as with just 3 matches, sometimes the cream doesn’t rise to the crop. But the cream still generally…..qualifies? I’m not really sure if there is a metaphor for that. It’s a bet I really enjoy making as you can generally find decent odds outside of the favourites for the group, and it allows you to sit down and plan the group results out.

Where To Bet World Cup Group Qualification

America: The best online sportsbook for group betting in the World Cup for the USA is Bovada. Along with betting whether a team will qualify or not, you can also bet what group will win the world cup, bet group dual forecasts and who will finish bottom of each group.

Everywhere Else The best option for Canada is Bet365 Sportsbook. When it comes to qualifying from the group, they offer the option of “Yes” or “No” so you can bet that a team won’t qualify, or that they will qualify. They also run various other group related props such as who will win the group, group forecasts, who will finish bottom of the group, and then various props such as highest scoring group.

What World Cup Group Qualification Bets Are There?

The primary bet in relation to World Cup Group Qualification is whether a team will qualify from a group or not. The sportsbooks will offer the option of “Yes, the team will qualify from their group” or “No, the team will NOT qualify from their group”.

Sportsbooks often also allow you to bet on who will not just not qualify, but also finish bottom of their group.

You can also bet group forecasts such as “England and USA” will both qualify from their group. Or you can bet a dual forecast such as England will finish 1st, and USA will finish 2nd.

Common World Cup Group Qualification Questions:

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What if a team qualifies as best third place team?:

This isn’t something that occurs during the World Cup (as of this writing), but can be found in the European Championships and other competitions. For the record, the same rules apply – if you bet a team to qualify, it doesn’t matter how they qualify. Whether they win the group, are second or are the best third-placed teams.

How to Bet World Cup Group Qualification

Bovada: Under the “Soccer” section, they have the World Cup section. When you click on that you then need to click on “Table” to see the basic group bets. For various props, it is a bit more complicated. You need to click on “Outrights”, then click the drop-down to see all options such as Group Forecast and Group Dual Forecast.

Bet365 Sportsbook: They have a special section for the World Cup. Click on that, then click on the “Futures” option. All futures are here. You then just have to scroll down to find all of the various group prop bets.

World Cup Qualification Group Betting Strategy:

The best thing you can do is sit down, and tackle each match individually.

Go through each of them, compare the odds, look at the knowledge that you have of the teams, and then write down your theoretical results. Then after you have did that, you can create your own group standings, compare it to the qualification odds and make some bets.

Most sportsbooks also do betting odds for all of the games in the groups, so you could create some sort of mathematical system based on that. I won’t go into that here but it’s a case of calculating the odds, what the chances are for each team to win, then how that factors in to the actual group odds as you WILL notice differences in regard to that. Especially when you compare different groups and their odds.

Finally focus on the teams who are expected to fight for that 2nd place. That is usually the key game that will decide on who is going to qualify, or who won’t.

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