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Where To Bet the World Cup Winners


The simplest bet you can make for the World Cup is who you think will actually win the World Cup.

This is a bet that hopefully will give you some longevity. You’re betting on who will lift the trophy, and it should be active through the group stages at least, and then hopefully into the final as well to give you that exciting additional sweat for the World Cup Final.

However, you shouldn’t just go to a sportsbook blindly and bet on the World Cup Winner. There are a lot of things to consider. For example – don’t you want a sportsbook that offers a cashout feature? So if you bet $10 on a 50/1 shot and they end up making the semi-final – rather than risking $500 when they go up against Brazil, you could cash out for $350 or something?

Then there are other bets related to the “To Win Outright” bet that you may wish to consider instead. Plus of course, you want a sportsbook that is going to pay up, and in a timely manner.

Here are the best online sportsbooks if you are looking to bet on the World Cup Winner based on the criteria above:

Where To Bet the World Cup Winner

America: The best sportsbook for betting the World Cup Winner if you are American is Bovada. They have a lot of great futures as alongside the World Cup Winner, you can bet on which player will win the Golden Bell.

Bovada also allow you to bet on what the actual final matchup will be, who will win and who will be runner up, do tournament winners AND Top Goalscorer parlays, and simply bet on who will reach the World Cup final.

Canada: I love Sports Interaction for many reasons, but one reason I love them in regard to the World Cup Winners bet is their infamous Pinata Pick. You basically pick a random team to win the World Cup at a set price. So you could get lucky and get great odds on the likes of Brazil or France.

They offer the World Cup Winner bet, Group outrights, the ability to back the finalists, and much more. Canada’s #1 by far.

Everywhere Else: I have to go with Bet365 Sportsbook due to their trust factor first of all. This is one sportsbook you have no concerns about getting your money from. You can bet on who the winner will be of the World Cup, or do a double bet with the Winner and Top Goalscorer. You can bet what group the winner will come from, and whether there will be a first-time winner or not. Bet365 Sportsbook even allows you to bet on what continent the World Cup winner will come from, which is a fun one as it gives you a variety of teams.

What World Cup Winners Bets Are There?

The most common bet is of course betting on who will win the World Cup. It’s a very simple bet – you place your bet on who will win the world cup, and if they win it then you win your bet.

You can also bet on the actual World Cup Final matchup, which is a lot trickier. You can then go one step further by betting not just on the World Cup matchup, but what the final will be AND who will win.

There are dual bets involving options such as World Cup Winner and Top Goalscorer. So if you think England is going to win the World Cup? You might want to bet Harry Kane top scorer alongside that.

You can cover a bigger basis on who will win the World Cup. You can bet on what group the winner will come from, or what continent the winner is from.

You can also bet if there will be a first-time winner or not. Amazing how many great bets there are related to the World Cup Winner.

Common World Cup Winner Questions:

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Q: Can you bet on the World Cup Loser?

To a degree. You can bet on the final matchup in which case you can bet on the winner and the loser. Some sportsbooks may give you the option of betting “No” a team won’t win the World Cup as well but it is generally only for teams such as Brazil or France.

How to Bet World Cup Winner

Bovada: Simply click on the World Cup section and then World Cup Futures. The World Cup Winners bet is at the top, and the rest are all below it.

Sports Interaction: Click on the soccer section and all of the World Cup props are there. If the Pinata Pick is available, it should be on the World Cup Outrights tab but they also have a category called “Pinata Picks” on the sidebar you may wish to click.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Under the soccer section, click on World Cup. Then click “Outrights” and all of the World Cup Winner’s futures bets are listed there including betting on who will win the World Cup.

World Cup Winners Betting Strategy:

I mean honestly, my main strategy would be don’t bet it. There are just so many variables related to the World Cup. I feel like you would be better off backing teams individually as the tournament progresses. If you feel confident enough in a heavy favourite, back them to qualify for each match, etc.

If you must bet on the World Cup Winner – maybe look for longer-odds teams that will go far or you think will go far. Then look to cash out when they get closer.

Otherwise, simply sit down, go through every potential scenario, and bet. Or take the top few teams and just pick one at random and hope for the best.

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