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Where To Bet World Cup Winning Continent


One interesting bet you can make during the World Cup is not betting on the actual country to win the World Cup, but from which continent they are from.

We have nations from 6 of the 7 continents participating in the World Cup, and you are able to place a bet on which continent will win the entire tournament.

While there are six continents, most sportsbooks won’t list the likes of Australia, Asia, or Africa.

Instead, they offer up betting odds on Europe, South America, and then the giant “Rest of the World” category, if you feel like betting an upset.

However, there are also online sportsbooks that will list every continent.

Here is where to bet on this betting prop:

Where To Bet World Cup Winning Continent

America: Listed under “Confederation of the Winner”, Bovada offer this betting prop. So instead of the continent, it will say UEFA, CONMEBOL, CAF, CONCACAF, and AFC.

Canada: The best sportsbook for betting this prop is Sports Interaction, who have an incredible amount of props. Along with betting the likes of Winning Group and First Time Winner, they also offer up the Winning Content prop. They factor Australia into the Asia category, and so have five different continents that you can place your bet on to be the winners of the World Cup.

Everywhere Else: The best option is Bet365 Sportsbook. Our top recommended sportsbook, they offer a big variety of betting props including what continent the winner of the World Cup will come from.

What World Cup Continent Winner Bets Are There?

The bet you are making is that the continent you predict will win the World Cup. If you bet South America and Brazil or Argentina win, for example, you will win your bet.

There are a few varieties to this bet as mentioned. Some sportsbooks will just list Europe, South America, and then the Rest of the World.

Others will list all of them, but they may be listed by Confederation instead. So Europe is UEFA, South America is CONMEBOL, Africa is CAF, North and Central America is CONCACAF and then Asia is AFC.

There are no other bets related to each continent, such as what continent will make the final or anything like that.

Common World Cup Continent Winner Questions:

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Why is Australia not listed?:

If sportsbooks don’t have a rest of the world category, then Australia will be factored under Asia or the AFC.

How to Bet World Cup Continent Winner

Bovada: Under their World Cup outrights, look for “Confederation of the Winner”. You click on the confederation and it is added to your bet slip, then you can bet on it with the amount you wish.

Sports Interaction: You can find it under their World Cup Outrights category. They list every continent so you can just search for “Europe” to find it.

Bet365 Sportsbook: It is one of the categories under “Outrights” in their World Cup 2022 section. It is titled “Winning Continent”.

World Cup Continent Winners Betting Strategy:

Generally, either Europe or South America will be the two heavily favoured options. That is due to quite a few teams from Europe who can potentially win it, and then in South America there are only a handful of teams.

It’s a case of weighing it up against the nation’s actual odds. If you strongly believe in Brazil or Argentina, then you would be better betting on the nation. If you aren’t sure and think both are a contender, then betting the continent bet is a good cover.

Unfortunately there are no real betting strategies for this bet that I can really think of.

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