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Where To Bet the World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot


A bet that can be a fun one to make for the World Cup is betting on who the top goalscorer will be, also known as who will win the FIFA Golden Boot award.

It’s a fairly simple bet – at the end of the World Cup, who will have scored the most goals throughout the entirety of the tournament?

There are a few variables on this bet as well. You can bet on a double involving top goalscorer and World Cup Winner, but enhanced odds. This can be a smart move if you believe that for England to win the World Cup, they will need Harry Kane to be top goalscorer for example.

You can also beat purely on top team goalscorer, where you can bet that a player will be the top goalscorer for their nation.

Where To Bet the World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot

America: The best sportsbook for Americans to bet on the Golden Boot award is Bovada. They have a full list, with great odds and they also offer the variables mentioned above such as top team goalscorer, and other player-related props such as the Golden Ball Winner.

Canada: The best online sportsbook for Canadians to bet on the Top World Cup Goalscorer is Sports Interaction. Along with that bet, they offer betting props on top team goalscorer and also have a wide variety of bets related to Canada in the World Cup. Lots of fun ones like will any Canadian cry during the national anthem.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook has the most comprehensive betting options available related to the top goalscorers. You can bet on the Top Goalscorer in the World Cup, Top Team Goalscorer, the Top Goalscorer, and Winning Nation double, and various other props.

What World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot Bets Are There?

The most basic one, of course, is betting on who the top goalscorer will be in the World Cup. This is the player who scores the most goals, and thus earns the Golden Boot award. Getting to the final isn’t required for this bet to win, as Harry Kane was the winner in 2018 and England only made it to the sem-finals. For reference, Harry Kane was the 16/1 joint 4th favourite prior to the tournament.

You can also bet on Top Team Goalscorer, meaning that you can bet on who will be the top goalscorer just for that specific nation. As an example, betting Cristiano Ronaldo to be Top Portugal Goalscorer in the 2018 World Cup. While he wasn’t the top scorer of the tournament, he scored the most Portugal goals (4) and thus that would be a winning bet.

It’s fewer odds for that sort of bet obviously due to a lack of competition, but with the increased chance of winning.

Common World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot Questions:

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Should You bet the Top Goalscorer of the World Cup based on Who Will Win the World Cup?:

Or in other words – does the top goalscorer of the World Cup always come from the winning team? Well, let’s not guess at that. Let’s look at the past 5 tournaments worth of data:

2018: Harry Kane. Didn’t win.
2014: James Rodriguez. Didn’t win.
2010: Thomas Muller. Didn’t win.
2006: Miroslav Klose. Did win.
2002: Ronaldo. Did win.

So as you can see, it’s not necessary for the team to actually make it to the final, let alone win it. In 2014, Colombia got eliminated in the Quarter-Finals.

Going further does of course help a team, but it’s the consistency of the goalscorer that really matters.

How to Bet World Cup Top Goalscorer / Golden Ball

Bovada: It is listed in their World Cup section, under the World Cup Futures option.

Sports Interaction: You can find it in the soccer section of the site, under the category “World Cup Outrights”.

Bet365 Sportsbook: It is available under the World Cup 2022 Outrights section, and is titled Golden Ball..

World Cup Top Goalscrer Betting Strategy:

It’s interesting to note that the magic number of goals scored during the World Cup to win the Golden Bell appears to be 6. So you could work on it that way.

The player that you are looking to bet on – look at how far they can theoretically go. Then break down the matches, and the possibility of them getting goals in all of those matches. Look at if they have an expected easy game where they can boost their goal count. You’ll also notice that backing the penalty taker can be important.

Harry Kane boosted his count with three goals against Panama, but two of them were penalties for example. I’m a big fan of doing the Top Team Goalscorer bets as well as Top Scorer, and the very first thing I do is confirm whether or not the team has a set penalty taker, and then work my way backward from that.

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