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Where To Bet World Cup Highest Scoring Group


Bets like these when it comes to the World Cup are always my favourite sort of bets.

They are all high-odds bets where you can bet on which group will have the most goals scored in it. Usually the odds for each group range from 5.00 to 10.00. It’s a great bet to sit down with a mate over a beer and discuss while looking up the past World Cups to see what sort of matchups result in most goals.

It’s a very simple bet – out of all the groups in the World Cup, which group will have the most goals? It doesn’t matter if it is own goals or penalties – they all count.

Where To Bet World Cup Highest Scoring Group

America: The best sportsbook for Americans to bet the World Cup is Bovada, and the great news is that they have the Highest Scoring Group prop bet. Bovada has an entire section dedicated to the World Cup, and along with various other group related bets such as Group Dual Forecasts, you can bet what the highest-scoring group will be.

Canada: One of the best sportsbooks for Canadians for World Cup props, including the highest-scoring group prop bet, is Sports Interaction. They offer the ability to bet on the highest-scoring group with all groups listed. They have various other prop bets as well such as which group will the winner come from.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook for everyone else is Bet365 Sportsbook. They offer up the Highest Scoring Group prop bet, as well as various other group-related props such as how many points each team will get in a group.

What is the Highest Scoring Group Bet?

The highest-scoring group bet is exactly as it sounds – you are betting that when you add up the total goals of each group, which group will actually have the combined highest goals. Own goals, and penalties – they all count.

If you are curious about past results – in the 2018 World Cup, Group G would have been the winner. The other groups had 9, 13, 14, 15, 15, 14, 14, and 17 goals. Group G had a whopping 24 goals due to two absolute batterings as Belgium beat Tunisia 5-2, and England beat Panama 6-1.

That is a bit of an anomaly. The 2014 World Cup saw all the groups range between 15-22 and it was very tight, with Group B the winner at 22. That was partly due to the Netherlands’ 5-1 win over Spain, and then just general high-scoring results.

If there is a tie with the highest-scoring group, dead heat rules will apply.

Common Highest Scoring Group Questions:

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What if the Highest Scoring Group Bet is a Tie?:

Online sportsbooks will go to dead heat rules for this one. So if the two top groups’ quantity of goals is a tie, then the odds would split in half. So if you bet it at 8.00 odds, it would be a 4.00 odds payout.

How to Bet World Cup Highest Scoring Goals

Bovada: Click on their “FIFA World Cup” menu in the sidebar navigation. This expands that section. Choose “FIFA World Cup Futures” and it is on there. You may have to do a search for it due to all the odds listed.

Sports Interaction: Expand their soccer section, and choose “World Cup Outrights”. There are a lot of odds listed and it is available here. Click on the bet you want and add it to your bet slip, then put the amount you wish to bet on it and submit your ticket.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Under the soccer section, look for the World Cup 2022. The Highest Scoring Group is then listed under the Outrights category.

Highest Scoring Group Betting Strategy:

My first piece of advice would be to grab a mate, head to the pub, then go through it all and theorize about all the games over a few beers.

My second piece of advice is in regard to expected big wins. That’s what you want to look at. You’re hoping for similar to 2018 with the two bigger teams in the group destroying the smaller teams. Look at the qualification and the goals scored by teams, and then look at the history and determine if that generally carries over into the tournaments.

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