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Where To Bet World Cup Team Exact Points


I have a lot of friends who work in the sportsbook industry. It’s always interesting talking to them about specific markets and hearing what markets are rarely bet on.

In the World Cup, one market that doesn’t get a lot of action is the exact points market. This is where you are betting on how many points a team will get in the World Cup group stage.

This really surprises me. While there are upsets that obviously happen in the World Cup, there is a lot of predictability too. And the odds for the most part are excellent. Even favourites in groups will have odds floating around 2.50 to 4.00 for 9 or 7 points.

If you’re looking to bet the exact points in a World Cup group stage for a team, then congrats – by even looking up this bet, you are a lot smarter than most other punters!

Where To Bet World Cup Exact Group Points

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans for the World Cup is Bovada, and they offer the ability to bet on the exact group points for each team in the World Cup. You can of course bet from 0 point sto 9 points. You can also bet if a team will advance or not, and then team specials related to when they will actually get eliminated from the World Cup.

Canada: For Canadians looking to bet this prop, Sports Interaction is the place to go. They offer up great odds for every single team in the World Cup, and how many group points you can get. They also have a good variety of unique props related to the wonderful Canada being in the World Cup, due to them being a Canadian-only sportsbook.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook have every market you can imagine available, and of course, they offer up the exact group points market. For each nation in the World Cup, you are able to bet how many points you think they will get during the course of the group stage of the World Cup.

What is the World Cup Group Exact Points Bet?

For each nation in the World Cup, you can bet on how many points they will get in the group stages of the World Cup.

The maximum possible points a nation can earn is 9 points with 3 wins, so you can get from 0 to 9 points. 8 points are of course impossible, so that is not a betting option.

The odds for each nation differ depending on their strength, and the strength of their group.

For example in the 2022 World Cup, England ending on 0 points is 100/1. With them expected to win 2 of their games and potentially draw the third, 3.25 odds are the same for 7 points and 9 points.

On the flip side, a team like Qatar had 4.50 odds to have 0 points and 3.75 on the draw. Them winning all 9 points would be 81.00 points.

Common World Cup Group Exact Point Bet Questions:

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Is it common for teams to win all three of their games?:

Yes. In the 2018 World Cup, 3 of the 8 group winners won three of their games. Only Panama and Egypt finished with 0 points. In the 2014 World Cup, 4 of the 8 group winners won all of their games.

How to Bet World Cup Group Exact Point Bets

Bovada: You can find it in their World Cup section, under futures. It is at the bottom. If there is a nation that you want to bet on that doesn’t have the betting option available, you can contact them and they will add it. They often only add it by popular demand.

Sports Interaction: Under the soccer section, you can see it in World Cup Outrights. This is where all their future props are and the points for all nations are listed here.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Under Soccer, click on the World Cup 2022 section then look under Outrights. It’s called Team Exact Group Points.

Exact Group Points Betting Strategy:

The best thing is don’t overthink it. The World Cup generally plays out the way you’d expect it. Of course, there will be upsets, but basically don’t trick yourself into going with them just to try and mix things up.

Take some time to look at the sportsbook odds. Rely on those for each match. They generally know a lot more than me or you. Take the obvious results and mark them as good to go. Then spend some time on the ones you’re not too sure about and really analyze both nations and make your own judgment call off that. Basically, the tight ones are the ones you should focus all the analysis on.

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