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Where To Bet The Academy Awards / Oscars


On an annual basis Hollywood gets together to hand out awards to those most deserving throughout the international film industry. The Academy Awards, or The Oscars as they’re more commonly known after the statuettes given, are some of the most sought after awards of their kind. With so much competition on offer then, how can you potentially make a profit when placing any kind of bet?

Shifting and evolving over the years, it’s maintained its position at the forefront of the film industry, being one of the most prestigious ceremonies to date. Overseen by a large committee, many of whom have a background in the industry themselves, there’s currently a voting membership of roughly over 8,000. The ceremony itself takes place in Los Angeles, Hollywood, with it being a televised event that’s broadcast live worldwide, with the winners being announced on the night.

There’s always a lot of debate surrounding the various nominees and winners, sometimes with plenty of contention, bringing a lot of speculation with it. Overall though, the ceremony itself is the height of show-business, making for an exciting event, along with many high-stakes bets, which we shall now look at here.

Where To Bet The Academy Awards / Oscars:

America: All those in North America will want to head on over to Bovada when the time is right, as they’ll have a selection of the different films and categories. You’ll typically find these on offer nearer to the event itself though.

Canada: Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, available to all those throughout Canada, giving you a range of options for the nominated films in the Academy Awards.

Everywhere Else: For all those internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook can again provide you with odds for all the nominated films, allowing you to choose which one will win outright.

What is The Academy Awards / Oscars?

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Running since 1929, the Academy awards are one of the oldest and most prestigious film awards in the industry to date. Sought after by many film-makers and artists, the Oscars themselves have become one of the most widely accepted signs of artistic recognition throughout Hollywood and the film world at large. Broadcast internationally, the speeches and red-carpet entrance prior to the show itself is viewed as an extremely high-profile affair.

Taking place in February, the awards themselves look back on the previous year, seeing which films and artists gained the most votes. Here’s a general look at how the ceremony and awards themselves are made up:

Films: These will typically fall under categories such as ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Foreign Language’, and ‘Best Animated’, among others, for the top films.
Actors: Differing from the films themselves, these are awarded to the ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Actress’, along with the ‘Best Supporting Actor/Actress’ awards too.
Directors and Crew: Giving out awards for ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’, you’ll also find awards for important behind-the-scenes work, such as cinematography and editing.

There’s a lot of competition on offer here, with plenty of artists going head-to-head for the main prizes. How then, do you make you choice when placing down your money?

Common Academy Awards / Oscars Questions:

What signs to look for?:

First and foremost you will want to see as many of the nominated films as you possibly can, although this isn’t essential. Many of the films themselves will be pushed forwards through marketing, so a lot of it will fall down to the surrounding media hype. While a strong film/performance will be the main deciding factor in who wins, watch for what various commentators are saying and the buzz around certain films. Looking at the winners from previous years can also be a telltale sign, with certain artists continually getting overlooked, meaning it could be their year this time round.

How to keep up-to-date with the Awards live?:

As with any star studded event of this magnitude, the Oscars are always extensively covered throughout the press. Keep up-to-date online through social-media, as this will have all the latest entertainment news you need, along with what the critics are saying about the films too. The show itself should be available to watch online, with ABC showing it live in North America, while Sky’s Now TV typically broadcasts it in the UK, and CTV has it available in Canada.

How to Bet The Academy Awards / Oscars:

Bovada: From the main page pick the ‘Sports’ tab from the top, taking you through to the next, where you’ll find ‘All Sports’ on the right-hand side. Underneath there will be a range of options now, from which you can select ‘Entertainment’. Then, from the roll-down menu, you can choose ‘Academy Awards’, as and when it becomes available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Pick the ‘English’ language tab from the main page, and then select ‘Specials’ from down the left-hand side of the next. This will give you further options underneath, from which you’ll want ‘World’. The next upcoming Academy Awards will be in the center of the page now, and, selecting that, you will be taken through to a range of that years nominated films to win, and their projected odds.

The Academy Awards / Oscars Betting Strategy:

As mentioned previously, the media buzz surrounded certain pictures and artists is what you’ll want to look at first. The obvious positives of watching the previous years better selection of films aside, the pictures themselves are also useful to watch to get an idea of exactly what and who’s in the race. You can then correlate this with the winners of previous years as well, looking for patterns in the results, and getting an idea of who might win.

Checking the critical consensus through sites such as Rotten Tomatoes is a great gauge of where each film stands too. Spreading your bets out, you should then be able to make a far more informed and conscious decision when putting down any wager.

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