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Where To Bet Dancing on Ice


The British television show ‘Dancing on Ice’ is a national event whereby celebrities go figure skating with professional partners in order to win the grand prize at the end of each series. Gaining huge viewing figures ever since it started, it’s one of the most popular shows of its kind within the United Kingdom, as it’s aired on ITV. This also means that there are numerous opportunities to potentially turn a profit when placing a bet, which we’ll now examine in closer detail here.

Working as a franchise, the show has been adapted for various different countries, including Australia, Russia, and Germany to name a few. These iterations of the show follow along the same lines, seeing celebrities from outside of figure skating competing alongside professional partners for the grand prize. Starting in the UK, the original version of the show has been running since 2006, along with various other spin-offs. The show itself is a large-scale piece of live entertainment, creating a sense of spectacle, with many well known presenters anchoring it throughout the years.

Lasting from an hour to an hour and half each episode, every show is a star-studded event filmed in front of a live audience. This has previously seen the show going on tour around the UK, but primarily the makers now focus on the television series itself and the competition. With so much pressure on the stars then, how do you make your bet work to your advantage, and how do you get the most out of your money?

Where To Bet Dancing on Ice:

America: Although not possible at this time, there might be chances for you to bet on its American counterpart ‘Skating With Celebrities’ elsewhere.

Canada: Head on over to Bet365 Sportsbook for all the Dancing on Ice bets available.

Everywhere Else: Internationally Bet365 Sportsbook is again the most widely available choice out there.

What is Dancing on Ice?

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Originally presented by Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield from 2006 to 2011, they would oversee the first six series of the show. Now lasting for over twelve series and counting, it’s become a worldwide brand, with it being initially started by ITV Studios in the UK, who announced it in 2004 first titling it ‘Stars on Thin Ice’. This quickly changed to ‘Dancing on Ice’ though, with it become a firm fixture in television the prime-time viewing line-up as the years went on.

It’s the winning couple that everyone looks to though, as people speculate who it’ll be. The overall winners are generally decided upon using this basic format:

Judges: There’s a set number of judges, themselves celebrities and former skating professionals, marking the performances out 10.0, starting at 0.0, after each display.
Public: Creating a leader-board with the judges, the public gets a vote too, with the couples finishing in the lowest two places competing at the end of each show not to be voted out.
Finals: The finalists compete in the last episode of each series to see who gains the best scores from the judges and the public.

Gaining a lot of momentum as each series moves forwards, people will start to identify particular couples, giving opinions on who the final winners will be. How do you make the most of this then when making your bet, and what should you look out for when identifying who will win?

Common Dancing on Ice Betting Questions:

What are some signs to look for in a winning couple??:

While the skating and performance on the ice itself is the primary focus, it’s also essential to consider the celebrities behind it all too. Taking into account how they relate to the viewer is important, as you need to look at their progress and how people respond to that over the course of each series.

It’s, first and foremost, a show as a piece of entertainment with the final votes being down to the public, so you have to look at the perception of each couple, as well as their form. Coverage of the event will come into this, with various news entertainment outlets providing up-to-date information on the event. You should also be able to find plenty of information and opinions online, which can definitely help regardless of where you are in the world.

Where can I watch it?:

Broadcast through the Independent Television channel, or ITV, Dancing on Ice airs live, with viewers voting on the night. In Ireland it’s shown on UTV, which is also owned by ITV, and you may be able to find this abroad in some countries through Freeview, all depending on availability. There is also the ITV Hub player online, so you can catch-up on the show at any time, as well as showing live television too. If any of these options aren’t available to you, then the show is extensively covered online, providing the results straight away through the news and social-media.

How to Bet on Dancing on Ice:

Bet365 Sportsbook: First you’ll want to use the ‘English’ language tab at the top of the page, followed by the ‘Specials’ option down the left-hand side of the next. Then select ‘United Kingdom’ before going on down the page to find the ‘Dancing on Ice’ bet ‘To Win Outright’. This will then provide you with a list of the celebrities and their odds of winning the current overall series.

Dancing on Ice Betting Strategy:

With this being a show featuring celebrities, their personalities and who they are is important when considering a winner. While their performance is important, it’s also how they progress throughout the competition that’s essential too, as viewers enjoy a story of personal triumph. This then feeds over into the news surrounding each of the contestants, which is something you can easily make yourself aware of.

You don’t need to know everything about figure skating, although some background information wont hurt when it comes to placing your bet. With more research you should then be able to make a far more informed decision when choosing who you think will win.

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