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Where To Bet LOL Not To Lose A Map

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Some sports teams always excel, as high expectations are placed on them with every passing year, and League of Legends is no different. Playing a set of different playing fields, or maps, over the course of any given event, there are a few favored teams that may even be expected to not lose at all on one particular terrain.

Throughout an event teams will play a series of different maps, some of which a few teams may not lose any of. Whilst the chances of this happening are still pretty low, despite many teams consistently scoring high, it always makes for an exciting choice of bet to place. With some regions and teams continually coming out on top, this can really make things interesting by raising the bar for what’s expected of them.

Offering the potential for a high-payout, this is definitely a little risky, but makes for a compelling game nonetheless. Here we’ll go over how you can best determine where to place your money in regards to this bet and get that all important major payout.

Where To Bet LOL Not To Lose A Map:

America:In North America you will find that the most widely available selection of choices when it comes to eSports betting online is Bovada. Depending on when you logon, you should be able to find the ‘not to lose a map’ bet open for a number of different LoL leagues and tournaments. It should also allow you to combine the bets with others as well.

Everywhere Else: For all other countries internationally, you’ll be best picking Bet365 Sportsbook as your primary eSports betting outlet. On this site you should find a whole range of different options available in regards to LoL, plus the ‘not to lose a map’ prop. It will also let you customize it to exactly what you’re looking for.

What is LOL Not To Lose A Map Betting?

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Over the course of a game the players will battle upon a map, which there are a number of, as they change regularly. One map that remains consistently throughout though, is that of Summoner’s Rift, as this is the most popular terrain to play on. With it’s vast expanse of jungles between the three lanes, the main proportion of the game takes place within this game mode.

Sometimes this is changed though, with maps such as ‘Twisted Treeline’ being used, which tends to shake-up the play. That’s why it’s best to make yourself fully acquainted with what each map entails and how it is to be played:

  • Terrain and Maps Used: With a variety of different maps being used, it’s best to make yourself aware of all of them. Knowing how each team interacts with each one is crucial to how they’ll perform.
  • Players: Get to know all the players strengths and weaknesses, as this is also essential to the overall results. For example, some players may be more experienced jungle champions, or Junglers, which means that if they’re not using Summoner’s Rift then they wont be so adept.
  • Champions in Play: Again this will come to determine greatly how the teams will perform on the provided terrain. With particular champions being banned for certain games and taken out of play, it’s essential that you keep on top of this.

Whilst this is definitely one of the riskier bets whatever team is playing, it can really payoff when you get it right. When there’s high-stakes that inevitably means there’s a high payout, which can really make all the difference at the end of it all.

Common LOL Not To Lose A Map Betting Questions:

What maps are played and when?

This will be predetermined prior to the match taking place itself, and it will give a rough idea of what will go down. Some teams play stronger on certain maps, all depending upon the players there, along with the champions being used. Certain terrains react better with certain champions too, which is also something to keep in mind.

How do the different maps affect performance?

As mentioned, different terrains affect different states of play, creating new and exciting outcomes. For example, on the Summoner’s Rift Field of Justice map, you’ll find that ‘jungling’ is more of an option, whereby appointed ‘Jungle Champions’ tackle the jungle regions between lanes. The sheer size of Summoner’s Rift is also something worth taking into consideration too, as this will add to the game running time and endurance needed.

How To Bet on the LOL Not To Lose A Map:

Bovada: Right beside the ‘Casino’ tab upon the main page you should be able to find the ‘Sports’ option, which will take you into the main site. Moving down the left side you should find below ‘Boxing’ the ‘E-Sports’ tab. From here you will be able to select ‘League of Legends’ from the roll-down menu above, giving you all the choices for the sport available, with all the bets open to, through the bet tab besides each league and tournament.

Bet365 Sportsbook: To begin you’ll need to select ‘English’ from the language options when heading into the site, followed by the ‘Esports’ tab, which is just down the left side beneath ‘Darts’. This will then take you through to all the leagues and tournaments combined, as you scroll down the middle of the page to find the LoL game and competition you want. You should then be able to select ‘not to lose a map’ from underneath.

LOL Not To Lose A Map Betting Strategy:

Firstly being certain of the team that you’re going to be betting on needs to be almost dead certain. This really is one of the more risky bets, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t worthwhile as, when it does pay-off, you should recoup a massive win. Make sure you thoroughly research the team prior to making the bet, knowing them completely, along with calculating the odds at every turn.

The maps themselves will also play a massive hand in whether or not a team wins or loses, and this usually comes down to the players themselves. Make sure you know who’s playing at all times, as this will also make you fully aware of the tactics they’ll likely be using. With plenty of information available online through streaming services like Twitch and social-media, you should have plenty of opportunities to advance and progress your game.

Where To Bet Specific Types of LoL Bets:

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.