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Where To Bet WWE Survivor Series


In this article I will be talking about where to bet WWE Survivor Series.

There are a lot of options for betting the WWEs big Fall PPV. That’s why I have this article on where to bet Survivor Series – to list the best online sportsbooks to bet at.

For example did you know you aren’t restricted to just match betting? No, you can bet a wide variety of prop bets, depending on the online sportsbook.

Here is a list of just SOME of the prop bets available for the WWE Survivor Series in 2019 for example:

  • Who will obtain the first near fall – Bray Wyatt Or The Fiend?
  • How many suplexes will Brock Lesnar hit?
  • What will Dave Meltzer rate the Womens 5 vs 5 vs 5 Match?
  • How many F5s will Brock Lesnar perform>
  • What will the correct score be in the brand war?

In 2020 you have bets such as how many RKOs will Orton hit and if Roman Reigns will kick out of an RKO etc.

And so much more. So without further ado let’s get to telling you where to bet Survivor Series at:

Where To Bet Survivor Series Online

America: The best place is BetOnline. They have their odds up nice and early for Survivor Series. They’re also consistently putting up the best odds for Americans. Many of you may bet other places however BetOnline have stepped up their game in terms of wrestling betting. Alas no American sportsbook offers up prop bets like the ones listed above however they are still your best bet.

Everywhere Else: Easily the best online sportsbook for wrestling betting if you live outside America is 888, and that’s the sportsbook I referenced above when I talked about Survivor Series prop bets. These guys have props and odds for everything. That star rating prop bet is on every match. Every match has various props such as the suplexes one to who will get the near fall. Or in triple threat matches, who will take the pin. Things like that. Go check out the pro wrestling section at 888 for a full list.

What Survivor Series Bets Are Available?

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Betting options have came a long way since sportsbooks started offering bets on Survivor Series. The first time you could bet Survivor Series was in 2013, and it was just a case of “who will win” each match.

Now however they have offered up a wider variety depending on the sportsbook. It also differs match to match but there will be prop bets based on the competitor. If Brock Lesnar is in a match you can often bet on the over/under on suplexes he dishes out for example.

You can bet on the METHOD of victory – whether someone wins via pinfall, submission or any other method. Who will obtain the first near fall, and what Dave Meltzers star rating will be when he publishes it in the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

You can bet on the brand wars themselves. Such as who will be the winning brand, or the correct score ie: RAW wins 5-0 or NXT wins 3-2 etc depending on the year and the brand and the matches.

A lot of bets available!

Common Survivor Series Betting Questions:

What has been the biggest Survivor Series betting upset?:

Interestingly, Survivor Series was a rare PPV for upsets until 2019 when there was a majority of upsets. The odds are generally much closer and when someone is heavily favoured, they usually win.

The biggest current upset was Roderick Strong winning at +450 odds at Survivor Series 2019. He beat both AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura in a triple threat match. You can look back at that show and see why there was so many upsets though; WWE were bolstering the NXT brand due to the Wednesday Night Wars. Other upsets on that card include NXT having more wins than RAW or Smackdown, Shayna Baszler winning and the NXT Women also winning.

Next up was Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar in 2016. Even then it was only +280 odds ($100 bet would profit you $280). That was definitely an upset. I was there and holy moley were people shocked.

Next would be Brian Kendrick defeating Kalisto at Survivor Series 2016 at +250 odds, and The Miz defeating Sami Zayn at +215 odds ALSO at the same show.

Guess we can place the blame on 2016 being in “bizarro land” Canada.

How to Bet WWE Survivor Series Online

BetOnline: So BetOnline kind of hide their WWE bets. Once you click the link and visit them and go to their sports section, click “Game Props” on the left hand menu. This will expand that section and you can then click on “Wrestling” where you get to see all of the Survivor Series bets currently available.

888: Use the left hand menu and click “All Sports”. Look for “WWE/Pro Wrestling” at the bottom. They then have a list of all the bets available. It’s often alphabetized so Survivor Series may be at the bottom. They cover a wide variety of wrestling betting including AEW and NJPW.

Survivor Series Betting Strategy:

Based on the history of Survivor Series, avoid any big underdogs. Anyone above +300? Forget about it. Honestly I’d say avoid anyone above +200.

Sit down and map out the whole show in regards to the whole brand vs brand thing, and what makes sense etc. Look at the individual superstars making up each team – that’s where the key can be. Look for those wrestlers who you can’t see them losing (ie: Team RAW in 2017 especially but also 2018 with Braun Strowman). Once you start to figure out the results of a few matches, the rest should fall into place.

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