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Where To Bet WWE Summerslam Online


In this article I am going to be talking about Betting on WWE Summerslam.

Online sportsbooks initially only offered betting odds for Wrestlemania, however with the popularity of that they soon started listing odds for other pay per views beginning with Summerslam. The first WWE Summerslam available to bet at online sportsbooks was Summerslam 2012, and they have continued to offer various Summerslam bets and props every year.

With it being one of WWEs biggest PPVs of the year, the sportsbooks usually offer odds for Summerslam a good month prior to the event, updating the odds and card.

Where To Bet WWE Summerslam

America: For Americans, the sportsbooks I would recommend is BetOnline. They have great odds and are one of the best for American wrestling fans. BetOnline only started offering wrestling betting odds in 2019.

Everywhere Else: I should note that while they are listed for Americans, you are able to bet at BetOnline. So if you are chasing the best betting odds then be sure to look there.

However for non-Americans the best online sportsbook for betting on WWE SummerSlam without a doubt is 888. They offer great odds and have a variety of prop bets that the others don’t. They are my #1 choice for betting on any wrestling – not just SummerSlam.

What SummerSlam Bets Are There?

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The most common thing you can bet on when it comes to SummerSlam is the outcome of the matches.

This is available at any online sportsbooks that offer SummerSlam odds. You will be able to bet on who will win the match. If it is a triple threat match or with more contenders, you can usually make bets involving the field.

At Summerslam 2018 for example, there was a match involving Charlotte vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch. You could bet either of those ladies to win but you could ALSO bet against one. So you could bet “The Field versus Charlotte” and as long as Becky or Carmella won, you would have won your bet.

Most online sportsbooks stick with that. The only real different sportsbook in that regard is 888 who will run various prop bets based on the specific matches. It varies show to show but at 888 you can bet on what Dave Meltzers star rating will be, then various props involving who will tag first, who will go for the pin first, the over/under on the length of the match etc.

Common WWE Summerslam Betting Questions:

What was the biggest ever Summerslam betting upset?

Summerslam actually doesn’t have many betting upsets – the favourites are often winners. However the biggest Summerslam betting upset was Charlotte winning at Summerslam 2016 over Sasha Banks. Charlotte was a +700 underdog.

That same Summerslam also saw Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens defeat Enzo and Big Cass. Jericho and Owens were +550 there.

What could you bet on at Summerslam 2012?

As I mentioned above, Summerslam 2012 was the first Summerslam you could place bets on online. Sportsbooks were very wary at that time and only offered three matches which were Brock Lesnar vs Triple H, CM Punk vs Big Show vs John Cena and Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio.

What are the WWE Summerslam 2019 Betting Odds?

Wrestling odds change often so rather than list the current ones as of this writing, I suggest you check the odds at BetOnline.

How to Bet WWE Summerslam Online

BetOnline: You can find all of their wrestling odds listed under “Game Props” in the sidebar. Click that and it expands then click “Wrestling” and it will list all odds. Simply tap on what you want to add it to the bet slip to the right.

888: You can either use the sidebar to click on all sports then choose WWE/Wrestling or simply type “WWE” into the search bar. Note that on days of TV shows they will pull their odds early that day to see what happens. So if you are looking for Summerslam odds on a Monday at 4pm EST you’re not going to find them. They will put them up the next day.

WWE SummerSlam Betting Strategy:

As I noted above, SummerSlam isn’t really a famous pay per view in terms of upsets. The upsets that did happen in retrospect were very obvious ones.

So if you are looking to bet WWE SummerSlam, bear in mind that the favourites are the more likely winners. Plus because it’s 2nd to Wrestlemania in terms of prestige, WWE like to put over some of their more notable stars here it seems. Wrestlers like Charlotte, The Miz etc who they like to protect are usually going to be winners at this show unless there is a very good reason not to.

End of the day look for the most obvious booking and don’t try and talk yourself out of it!

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