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Where To Bet WWE Extreme Rules


WWE Extreme Rules is the one WWE show of the year that should always be sponsored by Mountain Dew or Monster Energy. It’s EXTREME, you know?

Extreme Rules is a WWE-ized version of the rules and style of ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling was known for having no disqualifications for weapons and this is just the WWE version of that. Matches on the show have an “extreme” rule like a tables match or something like that. Of course, some matches might not even get an “extreme” which kind of defeats the point of the show if we’re being honest.

Extreme rules or not, this is a show worth betting on. There have been some great matches here over the years and it’s typically a strong show on the WWE calendar.

If you’re interested in betting on WWE Extreme Rules, keep reading.

Where To Bet WWE Extreme Rules:

America: BetOnline is a sportsbook that offers betting options on WWE Extreme Rules and all the events through the year.

Everywhere Else: Can you bet WWE Extreme Rules at Mr Green? As Steve Austin would say, OH HELL YEAH!

What is WWE Extreme Rules betting?

Betting on Extreme Rules is just like betting on any professional match. Betting odds are set on the wrestlers with a clear favorite and an underdog. With the favorite, there will be negative odds meaning your payout will be less than you bet. The opposite is true for the underdog.

An example for the 2020 WWE Extreme Rules event:

Asuka (-345) vs Sasha Banks (+225)

A $100 bet on Sasha would win $225 if she won. While a $100 bet on Asuka would only win $28.99. You would need to bet $345 to win $100.

Common WWE Extreme Rules Questions:

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What is the biggest upset in WWE Extreme Rules history?

The biggest upset at WWE Extreme Rules took place in 2019 when Big E and Xavier Woods won a three-way tag team match at +310. Daniel Bryan and Rowan entered as -125 favorites with Heavy Machinery being ahead of them as well at +225.

Not too far behind that was Samoa Joe at +300 at the 2017 Extreme Rules event. To be fair, that match was pretty wide open with no clear favorite. The other competitors in the match were Seth Rollins (+190), Finn Balor (+300), Bray Wyatt (+350), and Roman Reigns (+600).

What WWE Extreme Rules Betting Props Are There?

Each match has a few standard props depending on the match. Duration of match, star ratings for example. Tag matches will usually have bets involving who will be involved in the finish, what team will make the first tag. Singles matches normally have props like who will go for the pin first.

With Extreme Rules having matches involving weapons etc at times there may be props related to that such as how many table spots there will be.

They may also have bets covering the entire card along with the table spots such as what match will get the highest star ratings? Or what will be the highest star rating? Sometimes they do head to head ones. In 2019 for example you could bet would Reigns/Undertaker vs Drew/Shane or Braun Strowman vs Lashley get the higher star rating? You could also bet they would get the same star rating.

How to Bet WWE Extreme Rules:

BetOnline: The WWE odds are always in the same place here. Click “other sports” on the left hand side, then “Wrestling”, then “WWE” and the Backlash odds will be there.

Mr Green: No need to get cute when looking for the odds. Just type “WWE” in the search bar and see all the pro wrestling odds they offer.

WWE Extreme Rules Betting Strategy:

The “extreme” rule is important here.

A three-way tag match is a good place for a title change because the champion doesn’t need to be pinned. I’d say the same for any tables match was well because that’s an easy match for a heel to win via shenanigans.

The same can be said about a match like Last Man Standing as that is a match that the babyface almost always wins in WWE.

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