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Where To Bet the NJPW G1 Climax


The NJPW G1 Climax is an annual event held by New Japan Pro Wrestling that is one of the most entertaining pro wrestling events out there.

It’s been running since the 70s and is a tournament. The current format is a round-robin featuring groups of wrestlers from two different blocks. They all fight each other and then the winners go on to fight in the final of the event.

It normally takes place over the course of four weeks and is just a hell of an event.

Online sportsbooks of course make it that much better with the ability to bet on it. You can bet on a wide variety of bets related to the NJPW G1. Along with match betting, you can bet on the tournament itself and also futures related to the blocks and overall tournament winner.

Where To Bet NJPW G1 Climax

America: The best option for wrestling betting for Americans – and really the only option – is BetOnline. Whether or not they cover NJPW events is hot or miss though. They primarily cover AEW and WWE although will occasionally offer up lines on NJPW as well. If they offer bets it will only be match betting usually.

Everywhere Else: The best option for NJPW betting is Mr Green. For the G1 Climax, the amount of betting options they offer is unreal. You can bet on every match and they have it all set up in advance so you can bet Night 9 or 10 before Night 1 has even started. You can bet futures. You can also bet on various props for each night. They are extremely trustworthy and reliable and I do a lot of my betting here. Check out Mr Green to see the latest NJPW G1 Bets, Odds & Props.

What NJPW G1 Climax Bets Are There?

The most obvious ones are of course being able to bet on the block winners and the tournament winners. They also offer additional props for this such as “Will Okada win his block? Yes or No”. Then you have various bets to cover a group of wrestlers such as whether an LIJ member will win the tournament, or if a Bullet Club member will win. You can even bet on the nationality of the winner, and the exact combination of finalists.

As for the nights themselves – you get to bet on who will win each match. However there will be props attached to each night as well as the matches. For example you can bet on whether any match will end in a time limit draw, or a group bet of the favourites all to win Yes or No.

You can also bet on the star ratings of each match as given by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Common NJPW G1 Climax Betting Questions:

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What are the NJPW G1 2019 Betting Odds?

There are too many to list on a night by night basis. Head on over to Mr Green and check out their WWE/Pro Wrestling section to see all of the odds.

Current odds however listing the favourites are:

Tournament Winner Odds: SANADA +175, Kazuchika Okada +300, EVIL +400, Kota Ibushi +400
Block A Winner Odds: Kazuchika Okada +200, Kota Ibushi +275, Will Ospreay +275.
Block B Winner Odds: SANADA +115, EVIL +350, Tetsuya Naito +350.

What were the betting odds of the NJPW G1 2019 and were there any upsets?

The favourite to win Block A was Kota Ibushi. With him being an a long-term contract at that point, it wasn’t a big surprise. He was -150 odds to win Block A and won the block. Block B saw both Jay White and Tetsuya Naito as +120 favourites to win. Jay White won that block.

The overall tournament favourite was Kota Ibushi at +110 and he of course won that year.

How to Bet NJPW G1 Climax

BetOnline: You can find all of their pro wrestling betting options in the “Other Sports” section. The category is called “Wrestling” and any and all bets will be in there whether it is WWE, AEW, NXT, NJPW etc.

Mr Green: Using their menu system you want to select “All Sports” then choose “WWE/Pro Wrestling”. That or just use their search bar. It will list all of the betting options broken down by category and you can click on each one to see the odds etc. Any bets you want to make simply click on the odds and it will add it to your bet slip then you put in the amount you wish to risk and place the bet.

NJPW G1 Betting Strategy:

I generally avoid the futures market for this event as I don’t see value there. When betting NJPW G1 I would advise focusing on the match by match bets instead.

The eventual winner is not going to win every match. Look at the Jay White story of 2019 where he lost the first three matches before turning it around with a winning streak to get to the final.

Focus on those stories each year. Look at who NJPW are probably going to build around or what they have planned. If you look at it retrospectively you can see where the booking makes sense. NJPW can be a bit obvious with storylines or who they are building around (not a bad thing) so if you break down the booking, you should be able to find value especially when it comes to betting against the favourites.

Basically the underdogs on a night by night basis are the ones to look at and focus on.

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