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Where To Bet The UK General Election


Usually taking place every five years, the UK general elections are held in order to find the next government of the United Kingdom. This will see all of the main political parties come together to battle it out in the hopes of gaining a chance to lead the country and take it forwards. This means that there will be a lot of competition in the lead-up to the main elections themselves, which also involves plenty of chances for betting, which we’ll now look at here.

Bringing in registered voters from all over the country, this is a nationwide vote that will involve everyone conducting their vote on a set polling day. Using a first-past-the-post voting system, each constituency votes a member of parliament from their region into the Houses of Commons. This then sees one party gaining a ruling majority, as the new leader is called in once the final numbers are tallied and called. Things can change due to the continually shifting nature of British politics, especially in recent times following the calling of a ‘snap election’, with an election being called suddenly.

These elections have heated up in recent years, with tensions frayed between the parties, and various events, such as Britain’s place within the EU, dominating the news. This means the elections have secured themselves an important place within the geopolitical sphere, with the majority of the world carefully watching each one. Where can you place a bet on the elections themselves though, and how can you potentially make a profit from them?

Where To Bet The UK General Election:

America: Generally these types of bet aren’t available in the North American region unfortunately, although they could possible be open in the future.

Canada: In Canada Bet365 Sportsbook is open for betting on British politics, with a number of different main bets and props available.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook will have a selection of UK general election wagers provided for you, along with the government to win, and most seats won.

What is The UK General Election?

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Taking place all across the United Kingdom, ballots are made at temporary voting stations using pen and paper, which lasts for the duration of polling day. Prior to this there’s a run-up to the election, during which time the opposing parties and candidates debate their bid for why they should lead. This also means that they each have equal time in the media, with televised debates between them, along with the BBC, it being a publicly owned media company, giving them all air time.

The parties themselves tend to veer in different directions politically, with each of them offering different strategies. These are what the parties themselves look like, each with their own policies and agendas:

Labour Party: Typically left-leaning, this party largely focuses on center left progressive led policies.
Conservative Party: More right-leaning traditionally, they mainly offer a more conservative based agenda.
Liberal Democrats: A liberal party, they largely focused around the center of the political spectrum, with a range of politicians in their membership.
Green Party: Largely focusing on issues of the environment, they’ve also brought in various other policies too.

While there are other smaller parties, most typically focusing on single issues, such as the European Union, these have become the main political entities in the United Kingdom. What does this mean when it comes to making a bet though, and how can you make the most of your wager?

Common UK General Election Questions:

How do I determine the political mood surrounding an election campaign?:

There’s a number of different issues at play at any given time, and it’s difficult to know where to turn when being offered so many solutions to deal with them. The question then remains, despite having your own opinions and convictions, how do you best make a betting decision that’s completely unbiased? You’ll need to start by informing yourself on each and everyone of the candidates, learning about them all and exactly what they offer.

Next you’ll need to pay close attention to what the public and those around you are saying, as hearing what the media has to say is important, but so is listening to the public. Alternatively looking online is also an option, with a range of views being offered through social-media, but, much like the traditional media, this can also be distorted. Always pay close attention to the agenda of any outlet or individual, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum to gain a clear perspective.

What effect do the party leaders themselves have on a general election?:

The personality leading a party is relevant when considering the outcome of any general election, as this is the person who will be ultimately taking the country forwards. Appearing in the media, they need to display certain qualities which will ensure that the public respond well to them and their various policies. While the issues and what they propose is definitely essential to take into account, how they come across is a major deciding factor. Looking at the way the media themselves represent them is also important to consider, as you can gain a better understanding of how well they’ll do.

How to Bet The UK General Election:

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using the ‘English’ language tab from the top of the landing page, go down the left-hand side until you find the ‘Specials’ option. From here select ‘United Kingdom’ underneath. You can then find all the ‘UK General Election’ options at the top, with all the relevant categories and bets.

The UK General Election Betting Strategy:

Firstly you will need to gauge the growing public mood around the election, identifying the key points people are responding to. While sentiment can quickly shift at any given moment, you need to be aware of what’s going on at all times, and how the personalities are reflected within the media. How they are represented is also an essential point to consider, as you have to be fully aware of who’s saying what, and how they are saying it. This will give you a clearer perspective on how the public debate is shaping, allowing you to successfully predict its direction with even greater precision.

With a number of different bets being made available for the UK elections overall, you can effectively create any number of combinations. You can then tailor it to what you want, giving you a more informed and potentially successful bet in the long-run.

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