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Where To Bet The US Presidential Election


Once every four years the elections for the next president of the United States come around, marking one of the largest events in American politics. From Democrat to Republican, the American people will get to decide who will lead them and from what party. Given that there’s so much competition with much at stake, how can you potentially profit from this when placing a bet?

Determined on the basis of each state voting for who they’d like to see as president and vice-president, America uses a body of electors called the Electoral College. This ultimately sees each state gaining a set number of electoral votes, allowing them to place their bid for the next presidential candidate. Regardless of opinion on the process itself, these are not to be confused with the electoral and popular votes when determining the outcome of any election, as the Electoral College is what has the final say.

Getting heated over the years, the event itself is almost impossible to avoid, gaining the world’s attention on an international stage. Affecting everyone in terms of geopolitics, the outcome of these elections are important for not just North America. This means that it’s possible to bet from pretty much anywhere, which we’ll now look at in greater detail here.

Where To Bet The US Presidential Election:

America: Right across the board BetOnline is the best option here, as it provides the widest coverage for the US elections overall. From the opposing party nominee to the overall winner, along with a number of other side-bets depending, it has the most extensive coverage of the event.

Canada: Again BetOnline is the obvious choice here, with it’s simple to use interface that’s straightforward and easy to navigate.

Everywhere Else: For all those outside of North America and Canada, BetOnline has the best range of options still, which is no surprise given that it’s an American site for an American event, which means it’s kept up-to-date at all times.

What is The US Presidential Election?

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Taking place across all fifty states of throughout North America, the election process sees all those that are registered to vote casting their ballots for members of the US Electoral College. This, in turn, then sees those electors making their votes directly for the president and vice-president, needing 270 from a total of 538 in order to gain the elected an absolute majority to win. Election day itself happens during the beginning of November, with the inauguration taking place on the 20th of January, unless it’s on a Sunday, in which case the ceremony is held the following day.

This means that you’ll need to cast your own bets before the election itself, although the odds are constantly shifting along with the news. Make sure you keep abreast of exactly who is running, with the two main parties, and independents, like so:

Democrat: Typically seen as being to the center of the political spectrum, and the more left-leaning of the two, they are made up of various factions, many of which have been shifting.
Republican: Largely seen as being more to the right, they’ve mostly concerned themselves with more conservative based policies, whether they be economic or social.
Independent: Theses are candidates running on independent platforms, some of whom run through third parties, such as the Green Party and the Libertarian Party to name a few.

This should provide a number of different options, all with their own respective odds. How do you best make a decision when placing your own bet then?

Common US Presidential Election Questions:

How can I best gauge the political mood?:

All across the political spectrum everyone has their own preferred candidates. Where do you start, though, when looking for a clear and unbiased view of who will vote who? This is the six million dollar question now, even for political analysts who make it their profession, but fret not, as there are potentially very profitable telltale signs to look out for. Rallies are a great place to start, looking at numbers, as well as seeing who has a message that’s connecting directly.

Is there anything I can look for in candidates?:

Taking the candidates’ messages, you can see how they’re connecting with the people around you, as well as online and in the media. Again, everyone has there own preferred candidate, and whilst it’s good to have your own convictions, you’ll need to separate yourself from them in order to make a more unbiased informed bet. Know exactly what everyone is saying and which demographics they’re targeting in order to gain a better understanding.

How to Bet The US Presidential Elections:

BetOnline: On the main page select ‘Sports’ from the navigation bar across the top and to the left. Then, down the left-hand side, you should see ‘Other Sports’, and, selecting that, you’ll then see the ‘Politics’ tab come up below, which will take you to ‘Politics Futures’. You’ll then have all your US Election betting options down the middle of the page, from which you can tailor and create your betting slip by ticking the various choices.

The US Presidential Elections Betting Strategy:

Each candidate will have their own odds provided, and these will fluctuate with the news and public temperament, taking into consideration various polls. It doesn’t always have to be on the candidate ‘to win outright’ either, as you can hedge your bets across the party to win too, along with the candidate to represent the main opposing party to those incumbent (i.e. the Democrat/Republican leader). Mostly you’ll be offered a selection of straight bets, but you can combine them to gain better odds, mixing them up a bit.

At the end of it all though, it will come down to research, as it all depends on preparation and looking for the signs. While politics have become extremely unpredictable in recent years, you can stand to gain better odds, so look at the voting pattern in past elections, and try to gauge which way the public mood is shifting from an unbiased position.

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