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Where To Bet The West Florida Golf Tour


Well known for it’s hot climate and expansive fairways, Florida is the perfect state for a round of Golf in the Summer. The West Florida Golf Tour operates at the Minor Tour tier outside of the PGA, preparing professionals to take on the big time players. With plenty of rising stars, it’s also the ideal tournament for a few quick Golfing bets too, as we shall now see here.

Providing over 110 competitive rounds every year, it’s one of the largest Golf tours in the area of West Florida, serving a number of up-and-coming professionals in the sport. With corporate sponsors overseeing the event too, it’s seen a vast quantity of names rise up through its highly esteemed ranks. Not only that, but there’s over twenty names affiliated with the PGA playing in the WFGT, making for a lot of competition already in their line-up. It’s the ideal place to shine for anyone looking to make a name for themselves as a professional Golfer in Florida.

This has all made it a permanent mainstay for many of the sportsbooks too, with it offering ample betting opportunities. Where to start though, and what to look for in such an event, especially when there’s so much talent on the table?

Where To Bet The West Florida Golf Tour:


Whenever it comes to Golf you can’t go wrong with Bovada, as it offers bets for most games all over North America.


Covering most Golfing events outside of the US is Bet365 Sportsbook, as it has the most available at any given time.

Everywhere Else:

Bet365 Sportsbook also has all the Golf centric bets internationally, providing them for a range of countries across the world.

What is The West Florida Tour?

Starting out in 2010, The West Florida Golf Tour was set to run in conjunction with the PGA, being very much its own thing. Taking place all year round, it’s made up of both the Winter Series and the Summer Series, with a fifteen event Summer Series. The schedule itself mimics the PGA, which ultimately prepares the players for moving on as professionals.

Offering a substantial annual prize-pool, over 4 million dollars and counting has been awarded since its inception. Here’s a general look at how the overall tour looks, and what to expect from it when looking to place a wager:

  • Location: Primarily based in Sarasota, Florida, most of the games take place both in and around the area, serving West Florida at large.
  • Climate: Florida is known for its hot and humid weather, making it ideally clear most days for playing, although sudden weather can sometimes hamper matches here.
  • Course Holes: There are eighteen hole, thirty-six hole, and fifty-four hole events, along with ten walking fifty-four hole majors during the Winter Series.

As a well established event, it’s no surprise that many of the players go on to achieve great things in the world of professional Golfing. Where is best to watch out for these players then, and what signs should you look for when hoping to make a bet?

Common West Florida Tour Questions:

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Which players should I watch out for?:

Obviously first and foremost you want to pay close attention to the professionals brought in from higher tiers. As so often is the case at this level, many of the events will feature a ‘guest appearance’ from someone in the PGA circuit, and they will typically do well. Using handicaps is your best bet here, as you want to level the playing field as much as possible, giving you more appealing odds. Then look for the midrange players, spreading smaller bets out across the board in order to recoup a potential major windfall when it comes in.

How can I view the games and results?:

These games aren’t typically televised at this level, as NBC largely focuses on the Minor Tours events officially affiliated with the PGA itself. You can find out more online though, by watching various highlights through YouTube, along with keeping up-to-date on social media. This will provide you with everything you need to know as and when the results come in, plus the sportsbooks themselves are fairly comprehensive when it comes to this too. If you head over to their site,, it has everything you’ll need to continue, regularly keeping you in the loop.

How to Bet West Florida Tour:


First choosing ‘Sports’ from the top of the landing page, go on and select ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ down below on the next. After this you then want to choose ‘Golf’ from the drop-down, followed by ‘Minor Tours’ from the subsequent roll-down menu titled ‘All Golf’ in the middle of the page now. Here you’ll find the event when available, opening up the choices down the middle of the page, along with the odds besides each of them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Listed alphabetically down the side is ‘Golf’, which will then provide all the upcoming Golfing events down the page center. Being its own thing, the ‘West Florida Tour’ will be listed some way down, along with the current event featured beside it. With the relevant betting markets underneath each one, you can then open them out, creating your own betting slip.

The West Florida Tour Betting Strategy:

While it’s a smaller event than some of the higher ranking tournaments, there’s still some gems hiding here just waiting to shine through. Given that it’s somewhat uncertain at this level, you can use this to your advantage, making the most of the odds, although be prepared for any professional players guesting from higher tiers. Some players will be complete long-shots, with 500/1 in some cases, and you’d be basically buying a lottery ticket, so instead you want to look around the mid-range selection.

Spreading your bets out then, you should be able to create some interesting wagers, including placing handicaps on the stronger players. Some of them will know the fairways well too, being regulars to them, so make sure to look into their history, and you should then be able to place a bet with more confidence.

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