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Where To Bet The Legacy Classic


Where To Bet The Legacy Classic

With over seventy-five professional Golfers taking part, the Legacy Classic is a huge event making up part of The Golden State Tour. Previously taking place in Phoenix, it’s massively popular, in that it’s also part of the PGA Minor Tours, marking an important stepping stone for many up-and-coming stars. Here we’ll go over what this event means, its place within the professional Golfing world, and how you can stand to potentially make a profit when betting on it.

Typically beginning on a Monday, it’s a huge event that takes place in Spring, with it making up an essential part of the Minor Tours. With a whole host of talent participating, it’s set on an eighteen hole course, and has built an enormous amount of prestige around the event. There’s a whole host of prizes, building towards the strong reputation that the tournament has garnered over time. Fundraising for the Education Foundation, which benefits the Waxahachie ISD, it has a shotgun start to the competition, with numerous players teeing off simultaneously.

There’s a lot of talent on offer here, and it can be a little difficult to keep up with all the action at times, but here we’ll do our best to break everything down. What sort of bets are there available, and how can you make the most of this tournament when putting down your money?

Where To Bet The Legacy Classic:


As it’s a North American event, you’ll find it reasonably covered betting wise over at Bovada, with their selection of bets for most Minor Tours tournaments.


Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it has comprehensive Golf betting coverage for the majority of Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Again it’s Bet365 Sportsbook, as you can find most bets available internationally here when it comes to the time of the event itself.

What is The Legacy Classic?

As mentioned before, this is an integral part of The Golden State Tour, with it being hosted at The Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Commencing near the beginning of May, it typically runs over the duration of three days from the fourth of May to the sixth. Previously offering a prize of $7,500 for first place, it’s a hotly contested event with a lot to play for, including being able to move up to the Majors.

It’s a large tournament with a lot of talent, from rising stars, to older Golfers moving down from the Majors. Here’s what the event itself looks like overall, and how it plays out over the entire course of its complete run:

  • Holes Overall: Whilst the course itself is eighteen holes, this tournament consists of fifty-four played throughout the duration of the event.
  • Course Climate: Being a hot desert the heat may be against the players, but it’s clear fairways for pretty much the entirety of the event.
  • Prizes and Winners: As part of The Golden State Tour there’s the chance to progress, with it being professionally recognized, along with prize money being offered.

With a whole host of choices available, it’s easy to get lost here, so where do you start when it comes to deciding upon the winners themselves? Now we’ll go over what to look for and how to make a choice with more chance of reaping a larger reward.

Common Legacy Classic Questions:

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Who are the Golfers to keep an eye on?:

With fifty-four holes and seventy-five players, everyone here is in for the duration, as it’s a fairly long event. There are some players who tend to have a familiarity with the course, so be sure to keep an eye out for who’s played on it before and when. Looking back over the leader-boards you should be able deduce who will be the favorites to win, stacking them up against the odds given. You will find a fair few long-shots too, which is entirely up to you and whether or not you’re feeling lucky, but it’s probably best not to pin too much on them.

How can I watch this, or find the results?:

NBC Golf, or the Golf Channel as it’s also known, has many of the PGA tour games, although they largely focus on the Majors. An event at this level is a little harder to find, if it’s streamed live at all that is, with many simply getting their results online. Looking at social-media is a great place to start, along with following updates on The Golden State Tour, as this should provide results pretty quickly. The sportsbook itself will also likely be instantaneous, offering the results straight away, and sometimes with their own ongoing live-feed.

How to Bet The Legacy Classic:


Selecting ‘Sports’ first of all, go on and choose ‘Golf’, which you’ll find listed under the ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ drop-down menu on the next page. Now you want the ‘All Golf’ roll-down menu from the middle of the page, followed by ‘Minor Tours’, and it’s here you can find ‘The Legacy Classic’. When available, this is where all the upcoming games for the event will be, and you can choose from the players and matches that will win, with their odds listed beside them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

First you want to select ‘Golf’ from down the left side of the page, and this will provide you with all the Golf leagues and tournaments down the page. Here you want the ‘Legacy Classic’ when available, and usually you’ll get the ‘To Win Outright’ option, which you can open up just underneath. This gives you all the players to choose from and their respective odds, as you can create the betting slip you want.

The Legacy Classic Betting Strategy:

With a lot of tournaments being played across these particular fairways, it’s important to find the players most familiar with them. Often it will be the case that many of the participants will have competed just a few weeks prior, so you need to check this out beforehand. Then there’s their professional status to contend with as well, as you want to see who’s playing at what level before turning up.

Once you have all your background research, you then need to see how the information stacks up against the odds provided. Finding a midway point between a feasible win and decent odds is your best option, allowing you to create a far more appealing wager in the process.

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