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Where To Bet The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic


Where To Bet The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic

A one day tournament with seventy-four professionals stepping up, the Ritz Carlton Spring Classic is a huge showcase for some of the best Golfers currently out there. Part of the PGA Minor Tours, it also makes up a portion of the West Florida Golf Tour as well, with a number of events taking place there. Here we’ll take a closer look at the event, seeing how the stars stack up against their projected odds, and what you stand to gain from this.

Having taken place in Bradenton, Florida, in the past, it uses the Ritz Carlton as its venue, which is known for its hotter climate. With its idyllic location too, it makes for the perfect venue when playing Golf, which is how it’s gone on to become a hugely popular part of the Minor Tours. It’s also known for its wide selection of Golfers as well, with many varying wildly in their projected odds, making for some exciting bets to be made. This is, in part, down to different factors, such as age of the Golfers, with some being older, and some being fresh new talent rising up through the ranks.

Providing a vast array of talent, this competition manages to provide an interesting set of wagers, and all within the space of a single day. Where do you start though, and what are the winning signs you should you look for when putting money down?

Where To Bet The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic:


For everyone in North America they’ll find that Bovada is the best option currently out there for betting on this and other PGA games.


In Canada Bet365 Sportsbook offers the most betting wise regarding this particular event, and others like it from the PGA.

Everywhere Else:

This again is Bet365 Sportsbook, as it offers international betting coverage for the event, with a wide selection of Golf bets.

What is The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic?

The event is part of the West Florida Golf Tour, and it’s primarily used to warm up players for the Spring season with a straightforward competition. It’s a mix of players, many being at different levels, acting more as a showcase for them all, although there is the chance to move up with prize money being offered. Whilst it’s set in the Minor Tour tier professionally, it’s still been known to include guest players from all categories and levels.

Whilst it takes place over the duration of a single day, it’s still a fairly sizeable tournament, with a number of different players to bet upon. Here’s how the event itself is going down, with a general layout for the course itself and what to expect there overall:

  • Holes Played: Eighteen holes are played across the entire event, taking place over the course of a single day.
  • Climate of Course: Being situated in Florida it’s bound to be humid, but with open and clear fairways for the duration of the event.
  • Winners: Warming up players for the Spring season, it’s part of the West Florida Golf Tour, offering the chance to move up professionally.

There’s no end to the amount of choices open to you here, especially when considering the range of odds on offer. Where do you start with it all then, and how do you best place a bet down making the most of what’s being provided?

Common Ritz Carlton Spring Classic Questions:

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What players and bets should I watch out for?:

Sometimes it’s the case that there’s favorites to win, so typically it’s best to head there first and see what all the fuss is about. If it’s a PGA tour professional then you can be pretty sure that they’re likely to clean up if the rest of the field is further down the rankings. You may like to take your chances though, and this is good when there’s some uncertain variables, but it’s best to stick to handicaps. These can also be a little difficult to quantify if there isn’t much information given prior, but focus on the players stated to win, and gear your bets around them.

How can I watch or find out the results?:

Given that this is just a single day event, it could be difficult to watch online, but you can keep up-to-date with the results online. Many of the sportsbooks themselves will be pretty instantaneous with the results, and then there’s social-media as well. Obviously you could watch the games live yourself, but this isn’t an option for everyone, especially considering how brief it is. Keep an eye out online through various social-media accounts, specifically those of the star players, as they should be able to offer more information.

How to Bet The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic:


Start off by picking ‘Sports’, followed by ‘All Sports (A-Z)’, and ‘Golf’ is listed in the drop-down selection. Using the roll-down menu labelled ‘Golf’ in the center of the page, select ‘Minor Tours’ and then ‘Ritz Carlton’ with whatever the current series is. This will provide all the upcoming games and players to bet on down the page now, as and when available, along with the odds for you to choose from.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Start by clicking on ‘Golf’ which you can find to the left of the page, and then you’ll have all the events in the middle. Find the ‘Ritz Carlton Spring Classic’ and the series, then this should give you the betting options and markets underneath. These usually consist of ‘To Win Outright’, taking you through to the players and their odds, which you can then choose from.

The Ritz Carlton Spring Classic Betting Strategy:

With it being largely uncertain, it’s best to be careful when approaching handicaps for many of the players, but its unpredictability will be useful. Some of the guest Golfers from the higher tiered PGA Majors can tend to dominate the event, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some surprises. With seventy-four players on the field, there’s a few of them that are bound to pull something out of the bag, so make sure to pay close attention to any newcomers.

There have been some players with 500/1 odds if you’re feeling really lucky, but this is nothing more than a lottery, so maybe just a small amount with them. Once you’ve researched all the options and players available, you should then be able to make a far more informed and conscious decision.

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