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Where To Bet The Desert Canyon


Where To Bet The Desert Canyon

Set within sunny Fountain Hills in Arizona is the luxurious Desert Canyon Golf course. It’s here that the famous Desert Canyon event takes place as part of the Minor Tours. With around forty women taking part, this female led tournament is a huge event in the world of professional Golf, paving the way for numerous stars. Here we’ll look at what this event means when it comes to betting, and where you and your money comes in to it all.

Just as you’d expect with the name of the course, it’s desert based taking place in the hot climate of Arizona. A championship fairway, it’s located within Fountain Hills, making for an extremely impressive backdrop to the games taking place there. It’s here that the Minor Tours for the PGA take place on an annual basis, with scores of professionals competing across its open fairways. Picturesque with wonderful vistas, it’s the ideal venue for such a tournament, with its challenging holes, including a few doglegs and elevated tees thrown in for good measure.

This means that there’s plenty of competition when the heat turns up and the professionals step in to take their shot. How can you make a profit here though, placing a bet that you can drive home even further than any other?

Where To Bet The Desert Canyon:


Being a North American event, you should find most of the bets you’re looking for in the US through Bovada.


Here it’s Bet365 Sportsbook, as this best serves Canada for most Minor Tours games, and the PGA in general.

Everywhere Else:

Again you want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it offers most of what you’re looking for betting wise, with international coverage of most Golfing events.

What is The Desert Canyon?

The Cactus Tour is a women’s Golfing tournament comprised of a series of events, being the Pro Tour for women’s Golf in the West of America. Starting out back in 2005, there’s a number of different matches going into it, as it takes place on an annual basis. It’s also used as a qualifying event for professional female Golfers to find their way to playing in the LPGA as well.

It’s a smaller event, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in its diverse pool of talent, which offers a wide selection of different players to choose from. Here’s a general look at the course itself and its place within the overall scheme of things when it comes to the Minor Tours:

  • Holes: Set across eighteen holes, this is a large course with a number of inclines and elevated tees spread over the open fairways.
  • Course Climate: Being a desert, the weather is obviously going to be hot, with it being clear fairways for the majority of the event.
  • Winners: With it being a part of The Cactus Tour, there’s a lot of prestige in winning, allowing players to move on up through the rankings.

There’s a lot here to focus upon when betting, making for an extremely competitive and enticing set of odds. What should you look out for though, and what are the winning signs when it comes to gambling on the Desert Canyon?

Common Desert Canyon Questions:

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Which are the players and bets to watch out for?:

With such a large number of names on the greens at any one time it can be difficult keeping up with all the names. This is especially the case when so many have yet to prove themselves here, so it’s important to check the odds given and pinpoint those who seem a little more uncertain. Alternatively you could go all out and pick a 500/1 player and hope for the best, but then you’re really just buying yourself a lottery ticket. There’s forty players on the field here, so it’s best to find somebody around the midway mark, look at their history and try to find out more about where they’re coming from.

Where can I watch/find the results?:

These games can be a little difficult to view live online, largely due to the event being of a lower tier professionally. NBC does show some of the PGA games in America, but this tends to be for the larger games, so you might not have so much luck here. Heading over to will provide you with many live updates from the games on an ongoing basis. Their social-media accounts are also available there, offering up-to-date information on all the games being played.

How to Bet The Desert Canyon:


Firstly you want to choose ‘Sports’ and then pick ‘Golf’ from the ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ roll-down menu, bringing up all the events down the middle of the page. Using the ‘Golf’ roll-down in the center, select ‘Minor Tours’, followed by ‘Desert Canyon’, taking you through to all the available upcoming matches. With the odds shown beside each game, pick the players you think will win here, creating your betting slip.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Starting off you want to choose ‘Golf’, which is found down the left side of the page near the top, taking you through to all the events and tournaments. Here you can find the listings for either all of them, or just games in the next 24 hours, with all the events alphabetically listed down the center. With Desert Canyon usually being near the top when available, you can open it out, with the ‘To Win Outright’, along with the amount of balls and individual players.

The Desert Canyon Betting Strategy:

There’s a few players that will be from the Majors, and they’re definitely ones to watch out for at this level. It’s also important to take into account their age though, as this could’ve been a few years prior, so make sure to do some background research first. Then you have the newcomers and it can be a little more difficult to get a handle on them, as their history can be difficult to deduce.

Stack these two categories of player up against one another and then attempt to find a midway point in the odds between them. You’ll obviously need to take some chances, and this is always going to be the case, but with some stringent research you should be able to make a far more informed decision when betting.

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