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Where To Bet The Golden State Tour


One of the oldest Golf mini tours across the American West Coast, The Golden State Tour has been serving those both in and around California for some time now. Offering professionals an environment in which they can hone their skills, shaping them up to play in the PGA, with thousands playing across it over the years. Here we’ll look at this tour in closer detail, examining what it means and how you can place bets with more profit potential.

The GST is a non-profit entity looking to provide the West Coast Golfing community a fun and enjoyable tournament similar to that found in the PGA. Playing in the state of California is the perfect location for this too, especially given how well known it is for its sunshine and good weather. Bringing up players through the ranks, it prepares them for a professional career, along with finding them sponsorship deals and revenue. Working with the community, it’s the ideal place for Golfers to find themselves, whilst playing alongside well known and established players too.

This means there’s often a lot of competition riding on many of the events, with players jostling for space as they attempt to make a name for themselves. Who will rise up though, and who will make it to the top, providing a winning bet for you along the way?

Where To Bet The Golden State Tour:


Being a primarily North American event itself, you can’t go wrong with Bovada, as it provides up-to-date betting coverage of most Golf tournaments.


It’s Bet365 Sportsbook when it comes to Canada, as it provides the most options when it comes to Golfing bets and US mini tours.
Everywhere Else:

This is, once again, Bet365 Sportsbook as it offers the most comprehensive international listings for mini tours, depending upon when you login.

What is The Golden State Tour?

First established back in 1982, The Golden State Tour is a mini tour with a lot of history to it, being one of the oldest of its kind. Primarily located in Oceanside, California, it branches out across the West Coast, bringing a number of different events to a variety of fairways throughout the region. It’s also known for hosting events in the state Arizona too, not just confining itself to California, with several tournaments taking place in Phoenix.

Considerable prize-pools have been offered across the events, with up to $10,000 being offered to the winners. This is what you can currently expect to see from the overall tour, although it is subject to change in the future:

  • Locations: Many of the California matches take place in Napa and Buckeye, whilst the Arizona tournaments are mostly hosted in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
  • Climate Temperament: Mostly taking place in California it’s largely sunny, along with Arizona, making the most of its desert weather.
  • Courses and Players: Many consist of eighteen holes, but it can vary from course to course depending, and there can be up to eighty-four players at any one time.

As a well established event it’s easy to see how it’s become so prominent throughout the region and Golfing community at large. Which are the players to watch for then, and where will the next major Golf professional make their name?

Common Golden State Tour Questions:

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Who are the ones to watch out for?:

Larger names from the PGA can make an appearance, and it’s important to keep these in mind when looking at the overall winner. Handicaps can be useful here, as you can effectively balance the odds in your favor, creating a bet that is ultimately more appealing in the long-run. It’s the rising stars you really want to keep an eye out for here though, as many will be pushing their way up through the ranks. Some will be receiving sponsorship deals, so you want to get in there early to make any kind of profit before the odds are set in stone.

What’s the best way to see these games and the results?:
Given that these are smaller events paving the way for the professional leagues, you may find these matches a little harder to view online. You can always attend the games yourself, but this isn’t really an option for many, especially when it’s such a localized event. There’s always the option of heading over to their site, which is over at, providing all the latest results updated regularly. Using social-media is also helpful, as this will be constantly updated too, along with any and all news on the events in general.

How to Bet The Golden State Tour:


Go ahead and pick ‘Sports’ from the top of the first page, before going on to select ‘Golf’, which is in the drop-down menu under ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ on the next. From here you’ll find the ‘All Golf’ roll-down menu, and sometimes it’s in the ‘Minor Tours’ section, all depending upon availability. Once you’ve opened it, you can then select the bets you want from the middle of the page, with the relevant odds beside each of them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Listed in alphabetical order down the left-hand side, you should be able to find the ‘Golf’ option there. This brings up all the forthcoming events and games down the center of the screen, and again it’s listed alphabetically. Move on down and find ‘The Golden State Tour’ along with the current tournament featured beside it, and underneath the event is all the betting markets, taking you through to create your betting coupon.

The Golden State Tour Betting Strategy:

With it being a somewhat smaller tournament than many of the higher tiered events, you still have plenty of opportunities here. Find the regulars to each course and see how they fared on previous events and competitions there, as there’s usually a number of returning faces. Don’t hedge all your money on just the one player either, as it’s best to spread it out a little, with a few of the mid-range players.

Given that there’s often guest players too, with various professionals coming down from the PGA, both handicaps and props are helpful here. Once you know everything that’s available to you, you should then be able to place a bet with far more efficiency.

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