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Where To Bet The NCAA Most Outstanding Player


Everyone loves the NCAA Tournament and picking a winner isn’t hard as some think. One of the four #1 seeds wins the tournament most of the time. From 1985 to 2018, the winner of the tournament has been a #1 seed in 20 of the 33 tournaments. The top seeds are the top seeds for a reason. Only problem is, there is four of them and there are still those 13 times when it is not a #1 seed. Picking the winner is still hard.

Perhaps even harder? Picking the Most Outstanding Player. The good news is that the odds for this are often great and sometimes don’t appear til the later rounds when you have some context.

That said, the Most Outstanding Player often has some great odds and can really pay off if you nail it. This article is going into the Most Outstanding Player award bets a little more and cover everything you need to know about it from where to bet to how to bet.

Where To Bet NCAA Most Outstanding Player:

America: Bovada offers tons of NCAA props including the Most Outstanding Player award.

Canada: Bodog

Everywhere Else: 888 always has a ton of betting options on the NCAA Tournament is no different.

What is the NCAA Most Outstanding Player Award?

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The NCAA Most Outstanding Player award is given by the Associated Press at the end of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The MOP does not necessarily need to be on the winning team, but they have been in each year since 1983.

During the tournament, the sportsbooks will set on each player who is performing at a high level to win the Most Outstanding Player award. The odds are typically in American format so for instance in 2018 the odds during the Final Four looked like this:

Jalen Brunson (Villanova) +240
Mikal Bridges (Villanova) +400
Malik Newman (Kansas) +750
Devonte Graham (Kansas) +800
Donte DiVicenzo (Villanova) +2000

As you can see, last year had Villanova as a big favorite to win. They did end up winning the tournament and, in an upset, Donte DiVicenzo ended up winning at 20/1 odds.

Common Most Outstanding Player Award Questions:

What is the difference between the Men’s College Basketball Player of the Year and the Most Outstanding Player awards?

The Men’s College Basketball Player of the Year award is for the regular season. It is awarded to the player who does the best during the season, similar to the NBA MVP award.

The Most Outstanding Player award is for what the player does during the NCAA tournament and only during that time.

How To Bet NCAA Most Outstanding Player:

Bovada/Bodog: From the top menu select “Basketball” and then find “College Basketball”. The Most Outstanding Player award is typically listed under “Futures”.

888: Select “Basketball” from the A-Z Menu and then find “NCAAB”. The MOP award odds will be listed under “Outrights”.

NCAA Most Outstanding Player Betting Strategy:

From 2009-2018 there was only one player to win this award as a freshman and that man’s name was Anthony Davis. Davis is a once in a lifetime talent so we can just go ahead and throw him out of this sample.

Outside of Davis, every single player in this sample was at minimum a sophomore and more often a junior or a senior. This award and the play that it requires often requires someone who has been there before and knows how to react to a big game situation. These players are often not even big time draft prospects (besides Davis, only Kemba Walker can be considered even a starter in the NBA) so don’t let the draft heads sway you when betting on this award. You’re looking for at least a sophomore who is playing important minutes for their team.

Variants To A NCAA Most Outstanding Player: