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Where To Bet WNCAAB Team props


Betting on basketball is tough business when you know a lot about one team, but not a lot about the other. How do you deal with this? Team props, of course!

Team props are a great way to bet on a basketball game, but only focus on one of the two teams. These bets range from fun things like even/odd bets to ones that take a bit more thought and care.

If you are interested in betting on WNCAAB team props, this is the article for you. I’m going to show you where to bet them, how to bet them, and much more.

Where To Bet WNCAAB Team Props:

America: Bovada is a site with a lot of good betting options for WNCAAB including team props.

Everywhere Else: A sportsbook where you can find WNCAAB game props is Bet365 Sportsbook. There are many other betting options on basketball available here.

Outside of the USA, they are probably the best online sportsbook when it comes to betting on WNCAAB with a variety of team props and much more.

What are WNCAAB Team Props?

Team Totals: This is a game total, or over/under, but only for one team. This will be a number set on the total points that a team scores that you can bet over or under on.

For example, let’s see Duke is playing Kentucky.

Duke Over 85.5

An over bet means you need 86 points scored or more to win. An under means you want 85 or less.

Some sportsbooks will also offer Alternative Team Totals where you can adjust the total where you trade the amount of your payoff for more or less points.

Team Total – Odd/Even: Will a team score an even or odd amount of points, that’s it. A fun bet for people who like to bet on coin flips. There’s probably some sort of math you could even do to find the probability based on the teams but man that’s a bit beyond me. It’s more just a fun casual bet where you are cursing 3 pointers all day long.

You can also bet:

Which Team Will Score First?
Which team will get to 10 points first?
Which team will get to 20 points first?

Common WNCAAB Team Props Questions:

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What is the “Race to 10”?

This is another prop that is just for the first ten points of the game. You are betting on which team you think will get to 10 total points first.

This bet can have a lot of drama in the early going and is a fun bet when you just want to bet something that will settle after the first few minutes of the game.

How to Bet WNCAAB Team Props:

Bovada: Once you are in the “Basketball” section, find “WNCAAB” from the drop-down menu that lists all of the sports league. This will then display the games. Find the game you are looking for props on and click the “+” next to the props. This will display all of the props available for that game.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Get yourself to the “Basketball” sections and it will display all of the leagues. Scroll down to “WNCAAB” and you will see a lot of options to bet, including Team Props.

WNCAAB Team Props Betting Strategy:

The race to ten points is a really fun bet. The way I like to do it is by finding a team that is a decent sized favorite and jump on them. It seems obvious, but I still feel like it’s worth saying here.

You can look into the stats a bit here as well. I prefer to target teams with key scorers who are All-Americans on the floor being defended by players that aren’t as established. A star player can get things going early.

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