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Where To Bet WNCAAB Point Spreads


Point spreads can be difficult to get a handle on, but there are key if you want to be a successful bettor. This is true in WNCAAB as basketball is a sports where you have to have it down if you want to be successful.

This article is for anyone who is looking to bet on WNCAAB point spreads. Not every sportsbook offers them, stupidly in my opinion, so we’re going to tell you the best place to find them as well as where to find them and just what they are.

Let’s get to it.

Where To Bet WNCAAB Point Spreads:

America: Bovada is one of the biggest sites out there for betting on WNCAAB.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook is a sportsbook with WNCAAB points spreads, game totals, and more.

What are WNCAAB Point Spreads?

A point spread is a number set on a game for betting purposes that declares how big of a favorite one team is over another. Instead of betting on a team to win and having negative money odds (meaning you have to risk more than you will get back), you can bet a point spread and hope for a team to win by more than a set amount of points. Or lose by less than a set amount of points.

An example of how this works in WNCAAB:

Wake Forest +5.5 vs. North Carolina -5.5

North Carolina is favored in this one, but in order for you to win a point spread bet on them you would need them to win by six points or more. If the final score is 90-85, you lose because of that half of a point.

While a bet on Wake Forest needs them to win or only lose by five. A 90-85 loss would still be a win thanks to that half point.

Common WNCAAB Point Spreads Questions:

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What team has the most victories in WNCAAB history?

The winningest team in women’s college basketball history is the University of Tennessee. They have a large lead over the the second place team, UConn, but they have also played twenty more seasons than them.

However, the UConn Huskies are the most successful women’s basketball program as they have the most Division I National Championship wins.

How to Bet WNCAAB Point Spreads:

Bovada: Click “Basketball” from the top menu to display all of the lines in the sport. Now, this is where it gets kind of tricky. You have to go to the pull-down menu and find “WNCAA” from the list to see all of the WNCAAB games.

Bet365 Sportsbook: There is a “Sports A-Z” menu on the left-hand side of the page. Click “Basketball” and it will display all of the basketball leagues. Scroll down until you find “WNCAAB” and click “Game Lines”.

WNCAAB Point Spreads Betting Strategy:

A piece of advice that someone gave to me after I had been betting for a few years that I wish someone had told me much sooner is: try to imagine in your head what the line “should” be before you look at the lines. Then go look at the lines and see how it shakes out. If there are values there, you’ll know right away.

The way our brains work is that we can often be swayed by the numbers if we look at them first. I might think that UConn can beat Kentucky by 5 points, but if I see a line at -7 first then that’s what I think of. Do your research first, then look at the lines. It will change how you think about them.

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